Magnificent recreation of Persepolis

A full and magnificent recreation of Persepolis, (what it must have looked before destruction by Alexander the Macedonian), presented with a dramatic story telling. The whole magnificence of the richest city in the world in its day, is brought before our eyes.

Please see, you are sure to come away dazzled,  and pass on to others, especially the young.
Click Here to view the Video
Courtesy : Geve Narielwalla


  • This is an absolutely beautiful, informative video!! I hope all Parsis will view this to family and friends to show what a wonderful heritage you possess. I appreciate so much the opportunity to learn about Parsis by visiting Turner’s Dentist Specialty in Mumbai. Just as Zorathrustra said, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds” were shown to me. The total experience was “peaceful and harmonious” as the ancient King Cyrus led his people to this day. What is not to love about Parsis??!!! Sunny

  • Thank you Yazdi; I am truly heartened to see my mail, reproduced here verbatim, alongwith the Persepolis video, posted by me earlier on Zoroastrian mail groups on 29th of January 2011, urging this video be passed on to more of the youth of our community. I am happy this video has been posted here.

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