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Naqsh-i Rustam – incredible reliefs of Persian Empires

Most people have heard of the ancient city of Persepolis in Iran.  Yet just north of the metropolis of antiquity is a sheer cliff, known as Naqsh-i Rustam. Here, in the second millennium BCE, work began on a quite staggering series of rock reliefs which – even today – have the ability to awe in terms of their size and the staggering amount of work which must have been involved in their creation.

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Courtesy : Ader Gandi

Genome decoded, now Parsi ills can be tackled

Parsis are known to be prone to cancer. Soon, we may know what causes it. For the first time, scientists have sequenced the entire genome of a Parsi woman (74) suffering from an heritable form of breast cancer.  Researchers say, the exercise will help in finding variations in DNA. Once matched with DNA of other communities, they will know if these changes in DNA are unique to Parsis and are associated with the disease.

The finding will lead to proper diagnosis and help the Parsis — a fast depleting community — not to be susceptible to it.

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Courtesy : Ader Gandi