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Short note on Zoroastrianism in CHINA

Short note on Zoroastrianism in CHINA

I am on my second field research to China The following short article may be interest to the readers.

The Arab conquest of Iran resulted in large numbers of Zoroastrians moving towards China. Many Chinese scholars who are working with me have written that this may be around a million. They were warmly received by the Tang government. As a result Zoroastrian temples were established in the cities of Changan and Luoyang as well in Quizhou and Xizhou.

Chinese scholar Chen Yuan identified the first Zoroastrian temple built in China in the south-western part of the Buzeng-feng district of Changhan

Lin Wushu another Chinese scholar established that Zoroastrianism was propagated within Chinese society as there is nothing in the scriptures that prevents it from propagating, See his article Persian Fire Worship in Ancient China, Taipe, 1995. This needs revision of general held opinion. Zoroastrianism remained in China and included many Chinese converts as established by several Chinese scholars. Chen Yuan concluded after examining its spreading in the Tang dynasty, that the impact of Zoroastrianism was extensive.
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Dr. Pallan Ichaporia – From Dunhuang, China

”Snehaanchal” helps cancer patients meet a peaceful end

A palliative care centre here for dying cancer patients, founded by a Parsi samaritan ensures peaceful end to these terminal sufferers, who are admitted there ahead of their final journey.

”Snehaanchal” is a shelter for the terminally ill cancer patients run in co-operation with the Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Cancer Hospital, a regional centre of the state Government. A cancer patient who is admitted here has not more than six weeks to three months to breathe his last.

Jimmy Rana, a partner in Ice-Cream factory and Milk products here came across some cancer patients who were suffering from pain and mental trauma, waiting for death. A desire to do some social work in the field of medicine and health care, Rana first visited ”Karunaashraya” in Bangalore in 2003 and started thinking on the lines of setting up a similar centre here.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney