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Is Zoroastrianism a proselytizing religion?

After extensive field study (on going)on Zoroastrianism in ancient China, I have revised my earlier opinion and came to conclusion that indeed Zoroastrianism is a proselytizing religion. The main reason is there is s nothing in the scriptures that prevents it. There is no historical findings that proves otherwise. There were quite a number of Chinese who were converted in ancient China by SABAO= ZOROASTRIAN CONVERTING PRIESTS AND EVEN MOGUs = HIGH PRIESTS CAME FROM PERSIA TO ESTABLISH PARISHES FOR TRAINING PRIESTS TO BECOME THE CONVERTING PRIESTS

THE TANG DYNASTY AND SONG DYNASTY ARISTICRATES AND ROYAL HOUSE HOLDS were converted to Zoroastrianism. The proofs are already provided from archeological excavations of several Fire Temples. Several leading Chinese scholars asked me that if Zarathushtra had not converted Vistaspa and his the royal family, Zoroastriainism would not have been heard of and would not have spread from Sogdiana to Northern China. It was only in India that conversion was looked down and it is a SOCIAL PROBLEM.

From the Gathas,Younger Avesta, Achemenian Inscritions to late Pahlavi literature, there is not a single statement that Conversion is prohibited. One instance of pointing Jasme Avenge Mazda that Mazdayasno Ahmi Mazdayasno Zarthushtri prevents conversions but if one sees Vendidad at several places only the word Mazdayasna occurs without Zaratheushtis.

Jadiv Rana’s promise of non-converting has no legs to stand because Jadiv Rana never existed, no geneaology of such person is on record or ever found.

I think this short note is sufficient.

Best wishs,
Dr. Pallan Ichaporia

8 Zartoshti women receive Mobedyar Certificate

Is it possible in Zorastrian Religion ???
Times are changing!!!

Amordad News Reports
A group of 8 Zartoshti women received their Mobedyar Certificate from Anjoman Mobedan in Iran

There are women mobeds in Iran now. CLICK ON BOTH THE LINKS – Script is not English – but see the pictures of recently ordained lady priests.

Courtesy : Jehangir Gilder

This year the Esfandegan or Sepandarmezd celebration which is the equivalent of Women’s Day in Iran was very special.

In the ceremony a group of 8 Zarthushti women received their Mobedyar certificate from Anjoman Mobedan in Iran.

Here is a short report of the speeches, that I have translated for you:

The first speaker, Dr.Katyoon Mazdapoor (the prominent researcher and university professor) stated the significant role of females in Zoroastrian society. She pointed out  “although throughout history there is no mention of female Mobeds , but women always had an important role in the safe-keeping and guarding of the religion.

Dr.Esfandiayr Ekhtiyary, representative of Zoroastrians in the Iran Parliament said: “Today is an auspicious day because we learn what it means in reality when Zoroaster said that females and males have equal status. Dr. Ekhtiyary further added that we have many educated female and they are qualified to be Mobedyar and request the Anjuman to educate more females about the Zoroastrian religion, so thereby every year there will be a similar event.

The third speaker Dr.Mobed Ardeshir Khoshridan told us that , after Sweden, it is the Parsees and the Zoroastrian societies that have the lowest illiteracy rate, and this achievement is due to women’s efforts.

He furthermore said that since last April we had been planning to organize this event. There have been 15 applicants, from those who are older or from Mobed relatives. These were selected in a second round of screening, so that there would not be any controversy.

Congratulations to the New Mobedyar and all Zoroastrian women for this spiritual achievement!

Courtesy : armita atashband