Basic (Navjote) Prayers

The Zoroastrian Association of North Texas (ZANT) has put up Zoroastrian Prayers on their website in MP3 format. Click on each of these for very simple and clear chanting :

* Ashem Vohu
* Yatha Ahu Vairyo
* Din-no-Kalmo
* Kem na Mazda
* Hormazd Khodae
* Jasa me Avanghe Mazda


5 thoughts on “Basic (Navjote) Prayers”

  1. thank ou for this. makes the pronounciation much easier. I wished though that we could see the words at the same time.
    thank you

    1. The enunciation of the words are crisp and clear. I came across this website after purchasing the book of Navjote prayers and you are correct, it has helped to facilitate its memorization.
      English is not a phonetic language unlike Gujarati or Persian which commonly is vhot our prayer books are in.

  2. The eco in sound does not enable hearing of proper & correct distinct pronouncing. Please modify.

  3. Thank you very much Sir or Ma’am. This prayers have helped me during times of much pain and hard work. Thanks you very much.

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