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Meher Mahino Meher Roj – Aslaji

Meherangaan Day was celebrated on March 2, 2011 by Parsi Zarathushtis in India, according to the Shahenshahi calendar.

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Maneck Bhujwala

Meher Yazad, Meher Mah, Meher Roj, Meher Yasht

A good explanation

On Mah Meher and Roz Meher, the Jashan of Mehergan is celebrated. This day is connected with an historical event. It was on this day, that, Pishdadian King Fareidun freed Persia from the tyranny of Zohak, took him prisoner and ascended the throne of Persia. Jashne Mehergan is a celebration to remind us of this memorable event of dispensation of Divine Justice and Ahura Mazda’s Love, Light and Law – Meher. Meher is a very important concept in Zoroastrianism. In Zarathushti calendar, the seventh month is named Meher and the 16th day of each month is Meher.

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Zubin Mehta receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

HOLLYWOOD – Zubin Mehta received the 2,434th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, coinciding with his 50th anniversary as a conductor.

Actor Kirk Douglas joined Mehta at the ceremony near the northeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

“What would the world do without music?” Douglas said. “Zubin has entertained millions of people all over the world.”

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Teaching Dance to the Disabled – Kainaaz Mistry

Teaching Dance to the Physically Disabled

She worked for an organisation that firmly believes  – Have feet, will dance. But, she proved that even those without feet, can still dance! While we find peace in giving a few hours of our schedule to those less privileged, Kainaaz Mistry has made her career by teaching dance to those who are differently-able, underprivileged and physically disabled. Here’s the story of her unique and fulfilling career

Even today she works as a consultant at several NGOs, organising events for such children. Kainaaz shares her experience of teaching dance to such children while she was a part of the Victory Arts Foundation.

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