Weave of glory

At a time when the Parsi-Zoroastrian community records a drastic decrease in its population with every count, what’s the point of basking in its glorious past, a few cynical minds can always ask, but a balanced outlook will only appreciate the agenda behind “Parsi Panorama” a four-day festival celebrating different aspects of Parsi culture with a thrust on its textiles.

Dr. Shernaz H. Cama, Director of the UNESCO-Parzor Project, aimed at documenting different aspects of the community, tells you that the dwindling numbers are a reason to be concerned, but that can’t be interpreted as a void of traditions in the community. However small it may be in numbers — the last census conducted in 2001 put the Parsi population at 64,000 in India which is dropping by 10 per cent every year — Parsis remain a vibrant society, very proud of its heritage.

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