Avan mah, Avan roz – AVAN nu PARABH

Baname Khuda!
Dear Zarathushti humdins,
Today (26th. March 2010) is a very special day in Nature. It is not only Avan mah, but also Avan roz, thus making it a “Avan nu Parabh” day.
A wonderful day indeed to go and pray in front of the Waters – be they of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Caspain Sea, the Tapi or Narmada river, Virar lake, Bhikha Behram koova, or the well in your neighbourhood agiary.

Avan Ardvisur Banoo, the Yazata who is being Worshipped today, grants the devotee many boons. Not only She brings material and financial rewards, She also helps the devotee in keeping his spiritual life spotless and clean.
Avan Banoo is the Yazad Who looks after the waters of the world.
Hence it is our duty not to defile this wonderful gift from Ahura Mazda.
Zarathushtis will gather in the morning at Charni Road, Mumbai and there will be some Parsis selling dal-ni-pori, sakaar, nariel (coconut), etc which Parsis offer to Avan Banoo. Of course, offering these items in small quantities, is acceptable.
There will be devotees at the Bhikha Behram well at Churchgate too – from morning to evening.

At evening there will be a customary semi-open jashan at the Radio Club at Apollo Bunder, Colaba. Some Zarathushtis say jashans should not be held in open with non-Zoroastrians able to witness it. After the jashan there will be some educative talks, and then cultural/Parsi songs sung by enthusiastic members of our community. Do go and support them.
Fellow Zarathushtis, do go and enjoy the day near the sea.
However, please note that prayers for Avan Banoo however have to be finished before sunset / Ujirehen geh, since it is not correct religiously speaking to offer prayers to Aban Banoo when it becomes dark.
Wishing the best for the day and wishing that Avan Ardvisur Banoo grants your righteous desires and aspirations.
Am enclosing a wonderful song in praise of Avan Ardvisur Banoo.  Avan Ardvisur Banoo devotional song – 128kbps
And do not forget that it is the Salgreh of the Doongaji Agiary at Bharuch today.
Best wishes
Tehemton B. Adenwalla


  • Havovi Zubin Pastakai

    Dear Hamdins,
    Ava Ardvisur Banoo if worshipped for 40 days continously at the same time, same place any one wish of that person is fullfilled. On the 41st day one should go to the fire-temple and pray and thank Atash Padsha for allowing him to complete his task undisturbed.

    One must pray with a pure heart and surely the benefits one receives is multifold.

    Yazadan Panabad
    Havovi Pastakia

  • Very nice written

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