Welcome to ADAR YAZAD

A warm Welcome to ADAR YAZAD

By Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia

(Published in Jame Jamshed dated 17th April 2011)

The ninth day of the month and the ninth month of the year in the Parsi calendar is dedicated to Adar Yazad. For all those who are numerically inclined, Adar is the only Yazad who enjoys the same position – ninth – in the list of the roj and the mah.

The word Adar means fire. It is another word for atar. As the name suggests Adar yazad presides over all types of fire and fire energies. It is a Hamkar (co-worker) of Ardibahesht Ameshaspand.

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  • I really liked the article which gives full information of adar yasht. I hope if some pictures were added to it would have been better. Thanks for sending the same. God bless one and all.

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