Nowruz Celebrations across the world

Here are  some  very interesting videos & clips  from the  internet on the  Navruz  celebrations you  might  have  seen these before,  but  I would  like   to observe how people in different countries celebrate and follow the  practice of  arranging / decorating the Haft  Seen Table and the emphasis on Feasting.

Good Food.  Sweets, Fruits and the best of sweet dishes

Rusi Sorabji

                       Novruz, Nowrouz, Nooruz, Navruz, Nauroz, Nevruz

      Novruz  Fest

    Novruz Bayrami 2011

      Novruz Bayrami

       Navruz in Tajikistan

        Azerbaijan Cuisine for  Novruz


     Türk Dünyasında Tabiatın Dirilişi Nevruz Hıdrellez

    Dünyası ‘nda Nevruz Bayramı ‘ Eğlence’

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