My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers

My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers (with some fun activities)
Author: Rebecca Cann           Illustrator: Nassim Azadi

This is a first colorful Zoroastrian prayer book designed specifically for children. It contains more than 40 simple prayers chosen from the Avesta. The second part of the book contains more than 30 questions on God, prayers and different Zoroastrian concepts followed by simple answers.

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Nazneen Bustani

I am Nazneen Bustani, a Zoroastrian artist and illustrator. I have a website As Bustani means gardener, my work is about nurturing a seed of ideas into branches of creativity. Bustani showcases my portfolio which is influenced by life experiences, travel, people and environment. There are a range of titles from Bucklands Beach Sunset , Churchgate Station, Gateway of India to Four Seasons. You can also purchase prints of your favourite paintings from

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Jindal Prize

The “Jindal Prize” is instituted by the  S  J Foundation to accolade exceptional service of current significance rendered by individuals or organisations for the welfare of Indian citizens in the country.

The Jindal Prize aims at promoting moral values, peace, harmony, health, education, patriotism, national integration and religious tolerance and at inspiring individuals to serve without motive of personal gain, social or political mileage.

It is expected that the recognition garnered by the Jindal Prize awardees will catalyze their efforts towards social upliftment.

There shall be five Prizes of Rs One Crore each, to be conferred annually,
one for each of the following categories.

• The Jindal Prize for Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation
• The Jindal Prize for Health including drugless healing
• The Jindal Prize for Education with emphasis on moral upliftment
• The Jindal Prize for Science, Technology and Environment
•The Jindal Prize for  Peace, Social Harmony and Development

The awardees shall be selected by the Jury of eminent and reputed persons of high integrity through a process independent of the working of the Foundation.

If you know of any NGO who fits the bill, please refer them immediately and who knows, they may be the proud recipient of the coveted prize.

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Creations of Ahura Mazda

The children of the Zoroastrian Association of North Texas (ZANT) have come together to write a book titled Creations of Ahura Mazda.  This literary work includes the Amesha Spentas and the Seven Creations, the Zoroastrian Creation story, the 30 days of the Zoroastrian Calendar, and finally a few puzzles and activities to keep the mind sharp in regards to Zoroastrianism.  This book is a must have for every Zoroastrian home library and we urge our community to purchase this special Limited Edition for your own family and friends.  Our ZANT children have contributed their writings as well as their illustrations.  Please support their hard work and effort in raising funds for ZANT as all proceeds from the sale of this book will be moving our children closer to realizing their ultimate goal of having a Zoroastrian Center of their own in North Texas.  Please send in your donations (US Dollars check or money order payable to ZANT) to: ZANT, P.O. Box 271117, Flower Mound, Texas 75027, U.S.A.

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Limited copies of this book are now available in Mumbai – please call 4222 6789 or write to

New Newspaper – Parsi Times

The Parsi-Zoroastrians, who have a vibrant community press, have got their latest newspaper. On Saturday, free copies of the first issue of the weekly, Parsi Times, reached many homes.

Freyan Bhathena, editor of Parsi Times, said, “The community is getting stuck with issues that are more relevant to the older generation. Young people are tired of that conversation. As far as the community press is concerned, there is a void for young people. We need a fresh set of views.”

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An Incredible Parsi boy !

AN INCREDIBLE BOY: During my recent trip to Mumbai in February 2010, I had a great privilege of meeting a very gifted Parsi boy, who completely won my heart. While I was reciting my prayers at the Wadiaji Atash Behram am energetic young boy entered the prayer room, stood in front of the Atash Padshah and loudly began reciting some prayers. This little boy prayed like a veteran dastoorji. His powerful and mesmerizing voice echoed through the prayer room.

Outside the prayer room, I waited curiously to talk to him. His name is Rooyintan Mehenty and not Rohinton as he quickly corrected me and he was all of 6 years old!. When I asked if he had undergone his Navar ceremony because he prayed like a true champ, he quickly corrected me that he still did not have his Navjote. Rooyintan confirmed he was reciting prayers from the Khordeh Avesta. He claimed he could recite by heart all the prayers in the entire Khordeh Avesta. His father Ervad Nozer (lead boiwalla at the Atash Behram) & mother Monaz Mehenty joined us and could not stop praising Rooyintan as a ‘small wonder’ often referring to him as a ‘miracle child.’

As explained by his parents, Rooyintan started reciting prayers at home with his dad at 4 years of age. Still unable to read Rooyintan learnt his prayers by listening to his father reciting them. His parents confirmed that he now has completed the entire Khordeh Avesta and recites all the prayers by heart. The boy was working on the 9th Ha of Yasna also known as the Hom Yasht, but would eventually master it as well.

The parents continued that not only he is outstanding and proficient in the religious education, but Rooyintan stands first in academics as well as in sports. His elated proud parents continued to tell me the little boy’s stories and that if I am lucky to be around as Rooyintan grows up, he will perform “Chamatkar” for our Zoroastrian community.

On April 9, 2010, we were honoured to be invited to witness Rooyintan and his sister Shahrevar’s Navjote ceremony at the Wadiaji Atash Behram. All the prayers were recited by his father Ervad Nozer in the background as Rooyintan reciting the prayers aloud with his chest full of passion and pride for prayers. Not only that, Rooyintan is on his way to master the geh sarwa prayers recited as funerals and is currently trying to learn Ha 28-34 of Ahunavar Gatha, says an update from his parents.

I consider myself very fortunate and honoured to meet this amazing “miracle child” Rooyintan and his lovely parents.

Courtesy : Ronnie Surty

Nargol beach to be developed as tourist attraction

A team of Gujarat Tourism officials led by Managing Director Sanjay Kaul(IAS) visited southern Gujarat’s Nargol beach and Umargam coast on Sunday with an agenda to review the location to create tourism facilities here. Kaul was accompanied by Project Manager Ajit Joshi and Planing Solution’s Shreya Dalwani among others.

According to sources, the team has taken a decision to develop Nargol beach in three phases. In first phase Parsi heritage will be given weightage. Parsi community, their houses, their culture will be a major part of tourism plan related to Nargol.

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Late Jehangirji Chiniwala Recording on Dokhmenashini

Following is recording in MP3 format of lecture delivered by Late Jehangirji Chinwalla on Dokhmenashini, date unknown, and is available on line. This recording is the 1st baj no melavdo of Late Ervad Dr. Edulji Hormuzji Koyaji(Poona).The chief guest is Late Dasturji Dr.Hormazdiar K Mirza.The transcript of this lecture will surely be found in the Parsi Avaz newspaper files.This recording is done by the kshnoomn lover Late Diniyar Mistry (Jogeshwari, Malcolm Baugh). The above info is given by KK.

Thanking Behram Dhabhar and Aspi Tavaria for digitizing and distributing this lecture.
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Firdosh K. Sukhia

Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation Scholarships


The Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation Scholarship was started in 2008 to recognize academic excellence and provide Zoroastrian students applying for 1st Degree Undergraduate Courses in University or Vocational Programs, financial assistance to study at institutions in India.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA • 1. Zoroastrians who are enrolled or applied as full-time students in a college, university or other institution in India. 2. Grants to recipients will be made one time only with a possibility of one renewal.

JUDGING CRITERIA Scholastic achievement 40%, Financial need 40%, Extra Curricular activities 10%, Community service 10%.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES In total, 3 copies of the completed application form and attachments must be submitted. Application forms available upon request from WZO Trust or may be downloaded from the WZO website, However the completed application along with attachments must be sent to the WZO Trust. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that their applications are complete in all respects. Incomplete applications will be rejected and filed without further intimation.

SELECTION CRITERIA Applications are considered on merit alone. There is no discrimination between eligible students with one or both parents who are born Zoroastrians. Applications are evaluated by a committee appointed by WZO and are judged on academic accomplishments, program of study, appraiser’s evaluations and general impressions from the application form. Decision of the Trust will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. Applicants canvassing or soliciting favourable consideration of their applications will be summarily rejected.

APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER 25th JULY MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED. Completed applications must be sent to: WZO Trust “Sadri Scholarship” SHAN’TI, 5th Floor, 6, Banaji Street, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.