• Hoshang J. Bardoliwalla

    I am so delighted to hear this parsi songs for which i was looking for from ages. To day my wish come true.
    I would be looking for the old parsi song like Ek Pilla ni ladai and rest.
    If any one come across or any site please do let me know.

  • Aspi khambatta

    good old days!!!!

  • Kayomarz Bilimoria

    Original Parsi fun n Floric

  • Haso-ne-Hasavo is simply very nice to hear them after ages.
    Old songs such as O Morajee bhai are not found.
    if you come across the link please let me know

  • The songs actually put you back in time when things were so relaxed then the present day of Chaotic busy life . I would say keep it up guys it was wonderfull listerning to it .

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