Parsi Population Decline

Understanding Parsi Population Decline in India: A Historical Perspective

Saturday, May 7 · 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Nehru Centre, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai

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Demographically speaking, the Parsis are a complete anomaly in India: while the Indian population increased by 185 percent between 1951-2001, the Parsis registered a stunning decline of 38 percent in the exact same time period, dropping to 69,600 individuals as of the 2001 census. While there is no popular consensus within the community over why this decline has taken place, scholars of demography in India and the West have studied the topic extensively. This talk will draw upon over a dozen such scholarly studies, conducted from the 1940s onward, to show that the main factor behind Parsi population decline has not been intermarriage or migration to the West but, rather, abysmally low rates of marriage and childbirth. The Parsis’ propensity to marry late, or not marry at all, has caused one of the most dramatic population falls outside of Europe and Japan.About the speaker: Dinyar Patel is a Ph.D. candidate in History at Harvard University.

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  • Sir Mehernosh Shroff

    The Population decline is because of

    1) late Marriage of Pure Parsee Man and Pure Parsee woman 30 + ( aajun to Ghani Nalee Che ” Oh My God ) each who has very high “spiritual ” qualities & very less of Organic – sexual Qualities , Parents Bring up their children to be “Very Good Girls and very Good Boys ” who are not expected to have sex !!!?????

    2)Total Non cooperation by Parsee parents to Vacate their Prized rooms & let their children marry and Procreate by early age of 18 – 21 , this is vastly contrasting with parents of other communities who promptly give away master bedroom to sons or daughters who marry

    3) May be Parsee Men and women do not feel very sexually attracted to Each other , Most Parsee Men want Submissive , sweet & willing to Get “organic ” every night type of Girls

    4) Very Manly Uni sex type of Females prevailing in Parsee Community Inhibit or give a bad feeling and Complex to Parsi Males ,most of hom may not want to cohabit with a Non Male who has very short hair , wears leather jeans and rides motor cycles

    5) Parsee Women on the Other hand find Parsi males sissy – types or Mama’s Boys , with low levels of learning or education , poor earning capacity , non assertive , Pushovers

    6) Ultra long life of Parsee Parents, who require day and night care is also a factor as Parsee parents , are the “Please wait on me Hand and foot type ” & Usually use every emotional trick in the book if the sons and daughters are very duty conscious Good heart types which they are

    7 ) Monogamy is a Curse in a community where if the Husband has a very good sex drive and the woman is “Spiritual ” or of alternative sexual preference

    or if a Woman has a very good sex drive the Man is “Spiritual ” or of Alternative Sexual preference

    we have to take steps to educate ‘Spiritual ” Non sexual Husbands and wives I do not want to mention this in detail here

    8 ) Totally Ban Dowry system & Ostracize, Boycott Parsee parents who Bring out the Book of Parsi Lagan na riwaj & take every thing as per the Book ,PLEASE BURN EVERY COPY OF THIS BAD BOOK & if Author is alive give him her a swift kick in the pants
    , for one of my sisters a relative of Firoz Gandhi asked for one lakh in cash + seven sets of jewelry + furniture etc I told them to take a Hike , Make the Giving and Taking of of Dowry or Pyar na ashirwad as they are called a Bad offense punishable by Imprisonment

    another Joker & his Mother from a Baronets family had equally sky high expectation about 6 males had to die for this Joker to become a Baronet

    9 ) Build simple 1 room without Hall small attached bathroom 200 to 300 sq feet places ” Breeding baugs & not the Lavish places being built now , where two flats are there per floor split it up into four Pancayat is there to Protect weak infirm the old the abandoned the weak not the mentally and physically Healthy a lavish “Royal ” life styles ,
    I my self sleep in the hall with my wife on a thin Godra , if its o.k for me its o.k for every one ( my Mother is in one bedroom and my daughter in another )

    10 ) establish Orphanages where parsee men and women can deposit their half parsee children & Later adopt them “Legally ” this is for all those who are married to spouse of alternate sexuality

    11 ) Break down every Large flat in every charitable baug into smaller units so more parsees get “accommodation unts and not flats & for God sake get the Filthy Rich out

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