Percy Agreras Dastur

Percy Agreras Dastur was born with a passion for learning and the enthusiasm to share that learning. Today, he has fulfilled that desire by working at leading organizations, management and financial consulting firms and international academic Institutes giving lectures to hundreds of students at some of the best Universities around the world. From starting as a Management student in 1997 to becoming Vice President in 2010, the journey of 13 years has led to some of the most enthralling and towering experiences which truly justify him as a learner.
Percy was  born in Mumbai, is a resident of Canada and currently working in Dubai since the last 13 years.
He has authored a book on change management – The Art of Change Management – Implementing Change from the Top. The book is a must read for all organizations dealing with change. His experiences in the corporate sector with a view from the top, has culminated in this insightful and well structured glimpse into Change Management, a result of years of experience in the field.
The book is available at Crosswords and other book stores across Mumbai and is also listed on and other similar sites.
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