• Mulatto Caberello

    Some my ancestor did infact come from the Parsi Zoroastrian Community in Kenya and they mixed with other like Melanesian and Malay from Madasgasar and later came as Labors to South Africa part of Namibia and mixed further with Roboboth Baster German and Nama or Koshsian Community and how there from England to Barbados and then Canada and the US as Mulattoes indenture slaves.

  • Mulatto Caberello

    My mother is B CdE negative and Our Tissue typing with HLA-A2901 and Parsis DNA match in My Grandfather and my DNA and Parsis features and Maasai Kenyan, with Melasian, Malay and Japanese traces of DNA all prove that family originated form Mix race Parsis Community in Kenya and other Places in East Africa.

  • Robert Lee jackson Jr aka Lascelles

    According to the DNA which is L3e2 which came from Ethopian-Somalian form Kenya with Melanesia trace from Mauritis or Madagascar mixed Women who later mixed with a pure white Male Parsis form Mwanza, the then Tanganyika, now Tanzania. We have trace of Persian DNA form the grandad mother family who L3e2 with Both Kleinfther and Laron Syndrome, B rh CdE negative or DRw52a or ry other Parsis traits which directly from Noble Parsi Zoroastrian community. We have pure Parsis features in my mother, sister and me. We also traces or Kikiyu and Maasai which mixed with locals amoung the Rift Valley when the Parsis with other Indian Coolies were building the railroads. Our family Parsis Surname may or possible be Bulsara a mixed Parsi surname who also B CdE rh negative or ry with both Klienfether and Laron Syndorme traits.

  • Robert Jackson Gregorian to Shenshai
    Shenshai to Gregorian
    * Date:
    09/19/1969 999 not 666
    Enter the Gregorian date for which you would like to find the roj (mm-dd-yyyy).
    * Year:
    Enter the year for which you would like to determine when the roj occurs (yyyy)..
    Result: Govad roj, Fravardin mah, occurs on September 19, 1969 and this same date is due repeat again this September 19, 2019 and I saw before the sneakly change it to September 7, one does ‘t calculate correct like my birthday September 19, 1969 the 50th Aniversary other Savior or Shaoyant.

    The Shehenshahis (93% Parsees) and the Kadmis (7%).
    Although the difference between two groups is limited to the one month’s
    difference between the two New Year’s festivals (for the Khadmis on thex
    19th of August, for the Shehenshahis on the 19th of September) My father family came from the Indo-Armenian Parsi Seth or Dadaseth or Apicar Seth Armenian family and they were originally Red Cap Mobed High priesthood according to my father Proto-Indo-Iranian R-M269 –

    Genome. my mother has the current Parsi Zoroastrian blood type B CdE rh negative carrier from mother, father mother side which is both of French and East African origins from Kenya and possible Zanizbar Parsi family community either from possible of Ratanjee Brickjee from Mauritius or Bulsara from Kenya and Zanzibar base of the extremely rare B CdE rh negative blood type which is 0.7% is the frequency that the Parsi that blood type Which I know for a fact both Bulsara and Mehta both carry both Bulsara .who are Black Cap Parsi Mobed High High Priesthood
    Parsi Sects:
    In 1930, following a controversy on the correct chronological time
    of the New Years festival, the Indian Parsees distinguished themselves
    into two sects: The Shehenshahis (93% Parsees) and the Kadmis (7%).
    Although the difference between two groups is limited to the one month’s
    difference between the two New Year’s festivals (for the Khadmis on the
    19th of August, for the Shehenshahis on the 19th of September) and does
    not involve any essential dogmatic question, serious tension arose at
    times in the 18th and early 19th centuries between them. Today, however,
    the cleft is barely ascertainable. Recently, the third group, the Faslis arose
    which celebrates the New Year festival of modern Iran

    Magi, the ancient Zoroastrian hereditary Priesthood, and Haplogroups I M170, I P215, and Haplogroup I have tested Postive for all 3 and and Presumtive postive for Moed or Zoroastrian High High Priest. Zoroastrian Mobeds belong to T1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a-CTS6507
    Along Y-chromosome DNA haplogroups I M170, and I P215, the third most common haplogroup among the Iranian Zoroastrian Priesthood is T1a2.Cowasji Nanabhai Davar
    Nanabhai Punjibhai (d. 1667)
    and the Modi Family – Early Parsi Family of Surat
    One of the early Parsees of Surat about whom we have some information was Nanabhai Punjibhai (the traditional Parsi-Zoroastrian system of naming was the person’s name followed by the father’s name), a resident of Surat in the 1600s. Nanabhai was a community leader, a davar / dawar*, and one of his services to the community for which he is remembered, was the building of a dakhma, a tower of silence, in Surat. [*Davar from Middle Persian Pahlavi dato-bar meaning bearer of justice.]
    While the original I haplogroups appear to go back to the Magis of Zarathustra and BMAC culture, the latter T1a2 haplogroup must hail back to the Median Magi from the West. T1a2 or (T L131) has been found as far East as the Volga-Ural region of Russia and Xinjiang in north-west China. T1a2 penetrated into the Pontic-Caspian Steppe of Eurasia during the Neolithic, and became integrated to the indigenous R1a peoples (Proto Indo Iranians) before their expansion to Central Asia during the Bronze Age. Proto Indo-Iranian are my direct ancestor from proto-indo-iranian form poltava and R-M269 and U2de and come Zoroaster himself bloodline and Anahita Bazangi Kurds or the Priest of Anahita form Kerman with B CdE negative or B ry father form Parsi who intermarried with Lancashire gypsies only gypsy in Western Europe who still carry CdE rh negative or Rh ry or DR52a with pure Caucasian Chromsome in -R-M269 and also in L3e2 from with CdE rh negative or Rh ry or DR52a Now if this don’t Convence you I don’t know what will?

  • Magi originated from the Tarim 2500 years ago. Ust_Ishim which is about 2% is my DNA which is proof of my Pamir Ust_Ishim ancient Zoroastrian origins which they in 2500 years but I would further and with Mixture of Neanderthal in Northeast Asia 7000 to 12,900 years ago. My family roots are everywhere where Zoroastrianism was from Clovis `people with Orion Belt and White Bufalo Calf woman who is DRB3*0101 DR52a which is Bibi-DRB3*0101 from the American Bison after they both were irradiated by the Clovis Comet 12,900 years ago, to the Tarmin Basin with Tocharian from Pamir Ust_Ishim ancient Zoroastrians 7000 years ago, and 4000 in Ur of Chaldea with Jarban or Gautian Kurdish Yazidi tribes to the Bazangi Kurdish who the priesthood of Anahita or Whope (Meteorite Woman) as the Native American call her or the White Buffalo Calf Woman Indo-Iranian-Native Americans with both Maharani and Female Shaman Sioux or Dakota Native American dress with Beaver skinned that same way my direct ancestor Zoroaster and Toran discription of her many thousand years and Now you are calling me and Zoroaster who saw Ahura Mazda who I also had a discription of him too. So are we both liars? Bazangi Zoroastrian were infact both Jewish and Zoroastrians as was Anahita, (Persians)Virgin Mary, (Judeo-Christians) Geshtiana Lady of Vine or true Virgo born also September 19th my twin sister and wife. Tara in Xingjang province in China, Whope or White Buffalo Calf Woman. So let the White man dig his own grave to hell. But Zoroastrian or Parsi should have no part in it?

  • My job is not be born a Zoroastrian or Yezidi Gypsies Zoroastrian, my job is r fro the Parsis, Yezidis and Gypsies which I do, and to grant total absolution which I did with other spirit the Father and Mother or Holy Spirit. Which were all present with doing the Absolution, That is the further of involvement in this situation is not prerequisite that I be born a Zoroastrian or Yezidi or Nomandic Gypsies, only descendant and born on right day September 19th and year 1969 time which is now, So I have fullfield my destiny as far as concern. It would have been nice to have born in one or more of these communities however just like Moses if not be it not to be, it still Moses from fullfilling his destiny to his people, ever those he was aloud into the promise land. If that my faithful too, I accepted it. Just as long as I as I am remember by my people who are the Yezidis, Parsis, Gypsies and other Aryans people around the world including the tribes Benjamin, Dan and Judah which our solar calender or Trishrya 19th state the Ashura or or Ebbu in Sumerian the Day of Warth of Repent.

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