• Mulatto Caberello

    Some my ancestor did infact come from the Parsi Zoroastrian Community in Kenya and they mixed with other like Melanesian and Malay from Madasgasar and later came as Labors to South Africa part of Namibia and mixed further with Roboboth Baster German and Nama or Koshsian Community and how there from England to Barbados and then Canada and the US as Mulattoes indenture slaves.

  • Mulatto Caberello

    My mother is B CdE negative and Our Tissue typing with HLA-A2901 and Parsis DNA match in My Grandfather and my DNA and Parsis features and Maasai Kenyan, with Melasian, Malay and Japanese traces of DNA all prove that family originated form Mix race Parsis Community in Kenya and other Places in East Africa.

  • Robert Lee jackson Jr aka Lascelles

    According to the DNA which is L3e2 which came from Ethopian-Somalian form Kenya with Melanesia trace from Mauritis or Madagascar mixed Women who later mixed with a pure white Male Parsis form Mwanza, the then Tanganyika, now Tanzania. We have trace of Persian DNA form the grandad mother family who L3e2 with Both Kleinfther and Laron Syndrome, B rh CdE negative or DRw52a or ry other Parsis traits which directly from Noble Parsi Zoroastrian community. We have pure Parsis features in my mother, sister and me. We also traces or Kikiyu and Maasai which mixed with locals amoung the Rift Valley when the Parsis with other Indian Coolies were building the railroads. Our family Parsis Surname may or possible be Bulsara a mixed Parsi surname who also B CdE rh negative or ry with both Klienfether and Laron Syndorme traits.

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