Farhad Khurshed

Local businesses that struggle to find out why some businesses in the local area seem to grow and prosper, while others continue to struggle can now find the answer in a new book, “How To Double Your Local Business Sales Without Cold Calling”. Written by Sydney Copywriter and Small Business Marketing Expert, Farhad Khurshed, the book takes the reader by the hand and explains the strategies that a local business can implement to easily double sales without having to make a single cold call.

The book is written in an easy to understand style and is content rich, starting with the fundamentals of marketing. Included in the book are different strategies such as how to make a business appear unique in the minds of prospects, how to write a simple marketing plan, how to measure the response to an advertisement, the secret to getting nearly free publicity, a simple way to tap into the top selling items in the market, clever online marketing techniques, how to fill seats at a seminar and also how to sell products without spending huge amounts of money on advertising through the power of webinars.
“How To Double Your Local Business Sales Without Cold Calling” is available through Amazon. An ebook version is also to be launched soon.

Farhad Khurshed is a Sydney based copywriter and consults with small businesses to help them develop a sales system comprising Direct Marketing, Online Marketing and Social Media strategies. According to Farhad Khurshed, given the current business conditions it is important to first educate the target audience about the benefits they will derive from the product or service by providing valuable information. This helps to develop and build a relationship with the prospect. Only then should an attempt be made to sell. One of the major benefits of this strategy is that it dramatically increases the likelihood that the customer will remain loyal in the long term.

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