FEZANA Excellence in Sports Scholarship

The FEZANA Excellence In Sports Scholarship (EXISS) is now accepting applications for 2011.

The objective of the Excellence in Sports Scholarship is to provide financial support to young Zarathushtis (between the ages of 10-30) who are performing exceptionally and at highly recognized levels in all areas of Sports activity. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable the recipients to get world-class training or study with experts in their field in order to fine tune and enhance their talent and capabilities. For your convenience, attached is the application as a pdf and a word doc. The deadline for applications has just been extended to July 1, 2011.

If you or someone you know may benefit from this scholarship, we encourage you to apply. For details or more information contact Shiroy Dadachanji at exissfund@fezana.org or visit http://www.fezana.org.

Click Here for details, eligibility criteria and application form

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