Queen Elizabeth a descendant from the Sassanians

Geve Narierwalla has done extensive research and during his digging through the various genealogy websites, he could trace 3 lineages from the Sasanians to the present Queen!

This has been very many hours of digging through, and also like looking with more than two eyes.

He is not sure how interested our community members will be, but believes they might fail to realize, although these genealogies’ info was always there, this was never highlighted before.

“Actually it is a very small part of a bigger picture that there were great number of inter mixtures across Europe and Asia. (To my surprise, not really pleasant, I find most Sassanid kings had non-Persian spouses from earliest times.) ” says Geve

The attachments include 3 lineages.
An amazing piece of information of interest to all.
Thank you Geve for your painstaking analysis

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