An Incredible Parsi boy !

AN INCREDIBLE BOY: During my recent trip to Mumbai in February 2010, I had a great privilege of meeting a very gifted Parsi boy, who completely won my heart. While I was reciting my prayers at the Wadiaji Atash Behram am energetic young boy entered the prayer room, stood in front of the Atash Padshah and loudly began reciting some prayers. This little boy prayed like a veteran dastoorji. His powerful and mesmerizing voice echoed through the prayer room.

Outside the prayer room, I waited curiously to talk to him. His name is Rooyintan Mehenty and not Rohinton as he quickly corrected me and he was all of 6 years old!. When I asked if he had undergone his Navar ceremony because he prayed like a true champ, he quickly corrected me that he still did not have his Navjote. Rooyintan confirmed he was reciting prayers from the Khordeh Avesta. He claimed he could recite by heart all the prayers in the entire Khordeh Avesta. His father Ervad Nozer (lead boiwalla at the Atash Behram) & mother Monaz Mehenty joined us and could not stop praising Rooyintan as a ‘small wonder’ often referring to him as a ‘miracle child.’

As explained by his parents, Rooyintan started reciting prayers at home with his dad at 4 years of age. Still unable to read Rooyintan learnt his prayers by listening to his father reciting them. His parents confirmed that he now has completed the entire Khordeh Avesta and recites all the prayers by heart. The boy was working on the 9th Ha of Yasna also known as the Hom Yasht, but would eventually master it as well.

The parents continued that not only he is outstanding and proficient in the religious education, but Rooyintan stands first in academics as well as in sports. His elated proud parents continued to tell me the little boy’s stories and that if I am lucky to be around as Rooyintan grows up, he will perform “Chamatkar” for our Zoroastrian community.

On April 9, 2010, we were honoured to be invited to witness Rooyintan and his sister Shahrevar’s Navjote ceremony at the Wadiaji Atash Behram. All the prayers were recited by his father Ervad Nozer in the background as Rooyintan reciting the prayers aloud with his chest full of passion and pride for prayers. Not only that, Rooyintan is on his way to master the geh sarwa prayers recited as funerals and is currently trying to learn Ha 28-34 of Ahunavar Gatha, says an update from his parents.

I consider myself very fortunate and honoured to meet this amazing “miracle child” Rooyintan and his lovely parents.

Courtesy : Ronnie Surty


  • My best wishes for Rooyintan Mehenty and his family . We are fortunate for having amongst us a wonderful Zoroastrian child with a bright future.

  • Sir Mehernosh Shroff

    Dadar Ahuramazda is kind to give our wonderful community this Little Wonder

    I pray God Blesses Rooyintan & Rooyintan always shows such enthusiasm for our Prayers

    I pray that Rooyintan will now learn the language understand the Beautiful Prayers and Philosophy and Teach Parsee Youth

    If Rooyintan wants to build a career in shipping on my vessels I would be glad to help him

  • Great Rooyintan,
    Keep the good work done. Your efforts are really appreciated.

  • Incredible! I have no words.
    He has already achieved within 6 years, what I, nor many others have been able to do in all our lifetimes.
    Real proud of Rooyintan.

  • May we be blessed,by the unique one,so that we may have many more like Ruinton,amongst us.In him we possess, a shinning future for our beloved, blessed Zorastrian religion.
    So be it.

  • well done! Awesome. God bless….
    Shri Pak Dadarni madad hojoji

  • wow !! this is incredible !! God bless Rooyintan with all the good things in life . may he always walk on the right path ! we’re lucky to have someone like him among us today 🙂 his story creates a sense of awe in me !! Hats off to him !

  • Blessings and carry on the tradition of prayers! Daisy

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