• Thanks for sharing. It looks beautiful! Good Luck to the Parsi community of Dallas!

  • Thanx a lot having travelled to US 5 times I never had the luck to visit any agiyary any time. Being a stage artist we had to travel daily for shows all over US. Once on our way to Atlanta dar e meher a huge one thats it on the higway I had a chance to see. Yr Photos have almost made my dream come true. Send me the address on my next tour I might be able to visit.

  • Next time you are in this part of the World, a place of worship you must visit, is the beautiful Rustam & Morvarid Guiv Dar-E-Meher. Situated 45 miles South of San Francisco Airport, it is perched up high on one of the foot-hill of the Mount Hamilton range. Nesteling in a beautiful almost Tuscan enviornment, of tall pointed Cyprus’ and sloping fields in many shades of green, it over-looks San Jose, the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay. Should you be there at sundown, you have all the elements before you to make you linger a little longer absorbing Ahura Mazda blessing and loathing to leave.



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