Zubin Vevaina

Australia…let me introduce to you Zubin Vevaina,


The Graphologist and bring positive directions into your life…

Since meeting with Zubin in Mumbai where he was presenting at a conference I have been fascinated by his scientific approach to his work and I believe he will find an audience in Australia that will resonate with his skills and abilities and what they can offer.  Every aspect of your life can be improved, bringing health and happiness and solving problems through the application of graphotherapy and the study of graphology.

Zubin has students come from all over the world to learn his scientific approach to graphology, graphotherapy and handwriting analysis at his institute. His scientific research with doctors (cardiologists, in particular) and dentists was fascinating to learn about. Diagnosis of health issues and success in treating them is remarkable outcome for something seemingly so simple as analyzing someone’s handwriting.

Zubin is a remarkable person with great integrity and so much to offer.  I thrive on his enthusiasm and intelligence.  I believe he is a gifted individual and I hope you take the opportunity to let him help improve your health and life success through graphotherapy.

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