Uran Sanatorium

GOOD NEWS for all believers,followers,donors,genuine and religious minded zoroastrians of the “NHALO AATASH” at the URAN agiary.

After several appeals,tremendous personal efforts and with timely help from our donors we have been able to put the act together. We now declare the much awaited, wanted and much needed sanatorium in the URAN AGIARY complex Open.

We will accept bookings for sanatorium rooms from 1st April 2011 onwards. Interested visitors may please inform us about their visit plans atleast 8days in advance to enable us to get the respected rooms ready for their comfortable stay.

We have fixed the leaky tiled roof of the sanatorium and have totally redone it. We have also renewed all the matresses,pillows,matress covers,pillow covers and a new bedsheet each for all the beds. All the rooms are fitted with good bright tubelights and breezy fans. Other basic furniture and amenities are provided. All the rooms are located on the first floor and have good cross ventilation for a breezy experience. The best part is the silence and peaceful atmosphere which prevails a holy calm all over.

The nominal  per day room charges will be Rs.300/- per room. A family of  four can easily be accomodated in one room. Check in, check out time will be 24 hours. These are purely lodging charges.

Visitors who intend to be served with tea,breakfast,lunch and dinner may please inform us at the time of booking the room. We will get the same arranged as per your choice. However there is an arrangement for tea and breakfast with stalls near the main gate of the Agiary Complex. Visitors may visit URAN city for their lunch and dinner. There are good variety of Veg. and Non Veg. hotels, which we can suggest to you if requested. We will also provide you with their contact nos. at the time of booking, for you to directly talk to them if needed.

The biggest boon of this place is that you have the open Arabian sea and Mora Bunder[Uran’s Ferry Wharf] at a five minutes walking distance. The oxygen rich,pollution free  atmosphere of the Agiary complex will surely make your stay a very pleasant one.

PLEASE VISIT ONCE TO EXPERIENCE THE HOLY BLISS OF THE “NHALO AATASH” and fulfill your “Mann ni murad” right out here.

We gladly await your call to accept  room bookings for you and share more details with you. At the same time please let your donations keep pouring in.Every rupee will go in to make this place a better one and to keep the holy flame ablaze and dazzling always.Amen!!!Details of sending donations given in mail chain below. Finally pass the GOOD WORD around amongst all your zoroastrian friends and relatives.

Call today to book in advance on 022-27230047[Kersi Sui] or 9271729548[Khushroo Mehta].

Thanks and Regards

Khushroo Mehta


  • how does one go from mumbai ?

    • You can go to Uran (Mora) from Mumbai by boat from Ferry Wharf (Bhau cha dhakka). Remember, there will be fisherwomen on the boat along with you. Also the steps of the wharf are not in good condition. Or you can drive down along the Mumbai Panvel highway and take a turn as per the directions put up on the road.

  • Bakhtawar Pardiwala

    I live in Sydney, Australia. I come to Mumbai every 3 to 4 years and would love to visit your senatorium. Do you have some photographs of this newly renovated senatorium, agiary and a few photographs of Uran? It would be lovely to have a look.

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