Raffle in Florida

Message from Erv Soli Dastur, Sarasota, Florida
Saal Mubarak *** ZAF Fund Raising Raffle
Through the thoughtful generosity of our dear ZAF family, Burjis & Hovi Shroff, following beautiful items have been donated for a raffle at the upcoming Pateti-New Year function on Saturday, August 20th. These articles are from an event and exhibit recently held at a local Agiyari in India.
1st prize: Purple Gara sari with matching blouse and net sadra piece (machine made)
2nd prize: Black multi colored Gara Kurti/Top
3rd prize: Silver kotrela (carved) diva (oil lamp) container with diva glass
4th prize: Head scarf with Gara work (in white)
5th prize: Head scarf with Gara work (in orange)
Tickets & Rules: A very low price of $20 per ticket entitles you to “staying in the game” for all five drawings however, if it wins a prize, it will be deleted from the next drawing. At the function, the first drawing will be for the 5th prize, the second for the 4rd prize & so on until we reach the precious first prize. You may purchase as many tickets as you wish. If you are not at the function, you will be notified by phone or e-mail and a suitable arrangement will be made to send the prize(s) to you. For the tickets ordered by mail, the ZAF Board will keep a master list of the names and track the specific tickets associated with them. The proceeds will go to the ZAF General Fund.
Participation: The tickets can be purchased at the function with cash or check. If you are not attending, then please make your check payable to “ZAF Inc.” and mail to: Mina Dubash, Treasurer-ZAF, 1819 SE 17th St., Unit 712, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316. Please mark the check “For ZAF raffle”.
Mail Timing: Envelopes postmarked later than August 15th will not be entered in the raffle.


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