Humbandagi during the muktad days



 HUMBANDAGI daily  at 7.00 p.m.  at Rustomfaramna Agiary during the muktad days from Roz Astad to Gatha Vahishtoisht i.e. from Tuesday 9thAugust to Thursday 18th August 2011.  All Parsi Zarthushtis are welcome.

 DADAR JASHAN TRUST was founded by late Dasturji Faramroz Kutar and late Seth Ardeshir B. Homavazir as Namankit Narnaroni Yaad Jalavnari Jashan Committee in 1931. For the past eighty years it has been organising jashans each month on every Behram Roz followed by religious lectures. Those desirous of donating to this Trust may give their contribution to Ervad Kaizad Karkaria or Mr. Homi Irani, sukhadwalla in cash or cheque favouring “Dadar Jashan Trust”.   

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