Help in the birth of a new Zarthusti Center

Greetings to you from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I am writing to you with an urgent request for help from your organization. We are an active Zoroastrian Association even though we are small community.  We conduct several religious and cultural activities to educate our youth, create awareness of our religion among the non-Zoroastrians in our region, celebrate our cultural events, and do jasans, muktad prayers, etc. 

 I served as President for 6 years for the Zoroastrian Association of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana (ZAKOI), before moving on to an important project in 2008, which I am leading currently.  Our project is to buy or build a reasonable sized Hall/Center for our community’s growing needs. 


We have recently found such a property (priced at approx $200,000) in good condition, that we believe will serve our community’s needs.  It is a large hall owned by the Italian American Society that can seat 150 people, and it sits on a 2-acre piece of land.  With all this land, there is a possibility of constructing a separate prayer room (Dadgah) in the future when we gather the funds to do that.

 We have been trying our best to raise funds here, and have succeeded in collecting about $30,000 so far.  We have a donor who is willing to help us out with half the purchase price, but we have to come up with the other half soon if we hope to buy this property.  We still need to raise another $70,000 as soon as possible to take advantage of this exciting opportunity for our community.


We appeal to your association to help us with any amount you can afford, and to please spread the word about our urgent need for funds among your community members.  We will gratefully accept any help, no matter how small or big, to help us take one step closer to fulfilling our dream of having our own Center. 

 I am attaching for your information our Brochure, and a file presenting the property for proposed ZAKOI Center. 

 Our need is urgent.  Please kindly consider helping us with any amount you can give.

 Our Zoroastrian community here and all the future Zoroastrians who will ever live in this region will forever be grateful to you and your organization for any help your association/members can give us.  Looking forward to your reply, and thanking you,

 Most Sincerely,

Bakhtavar Desai


Center Fund Committee

Zoroastrian Association of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana




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