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Liaison Committee renders services in the field of Health, Education and Welfare since 1948 (62 years young). It caters to family and children’s welfare. It organizes social activities for children viz. Holiday Camps, New Year functions, outings/picnics and free distribution of Exercise Books/Stationery, School Bags, etc. It as well distributes grains/gifts articles to poor and needy senior citizens. It also acts as an Investigation Agency for charity help referred to by over 30 Trusts of Mumbai and Valsad.

The Liaison Committee has a Work Centre where Sadras, Pyjamas, Kustis are sold. This works on a win-win situation as the materials are sold at a very reasonable cost on the one hand and on the other it helps the poor and the needy families to supplement their income as it generates employment for the underprivileged.

The Liaison Committee also accepts old Clothes, Mulmul and Siavs which are distributed to the poor free of cost after stitching Sadras from the Slays. We hereby make a humble appeal soliciting your generosity on the auspicious occasion of the Parsi New Year. Needless to mention your contribution in whatever amount would go a long way to able us to assist the poor, needy and underprivileged community members.

May we also request to pass on this request message of Social Services amongst your relatives and friends. May we look forward to your compassionate heart for a zealous contribution for the ultimate benefit for the deserving people. . Please draw a cheque in favour of ‘Parsi Punchayet Bombay A/c. Liaison Committee’ and forward the same to Parsi Punchayet Bombay- Liaison Committee, Sir H.C. Dinshaw Industrial Institute Bldg., Chikalwadi, 275-V, Tardeo Road, Mumbai —400 007, Tel: 23882748, 23811233. We wish you in advance a Prosperous and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

Thanking you, in advance.

Mr. Dinshaw R. Mehta Chairman

Mr. Adi H. Billimoria –  Sr. Executive

Mr. Ratan K. Lalkaka   Hon. Secretary

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