Frohar Foundation

Frohar Foundation is a Public Trust, registered with the Charity Commissioner under the Bombay Public Trust Act., 1950- Registration No. E-19848. Frohar Foundation is committed to Reintegration of Indian Culture and Ancient History, Propagation of Oriental and Spiritual Studies with Modern outlook and Ancient Wisdom. The Foundation is well-known for the Tele-Serial “HUMTA HUKHTA HVARSHTA” i.e. “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” — focusing on Ancient Zoroastrian Culture & Heritage and way of life. This Unique Tele — Serial is one of its kind in the world.

Frohar Foundation is also involved in a very small way in other welfare and charitable activities like helping destitute women and children, giving MEDICAL AID to the needy, awarding EDUCATIONAL scholarships, distributing EXERCISE BOOKS TO STUDENTS, rehabilitating POOR FAMILIES and has helped hundreds of unfortunate people of Surat who had been rendered homeless and destitute due to the floods by creating a Special Food Relief Fund. Frohar Foundation organizes Educational Exhibitions on Ancient Culture and Heritage periodically in order to create awareness especially among the younger generation. We have recently started “The Silloo P. Mahava — Memorial Fund” with a view to perpetuate the memory of Mrs. Silloo Parvez Mahava, a social worker par excellence who was also the Trustee of the Frohar Foundation, as helping destitute women and children was very close to her heart. “The Silloo P. Mahava —Memorial Fund” will focus on the needy and helpless persons in society, including widows, children and students in need of financial aid.

On the auspicious occasions of Pateti, New Year and Khordad Sal, we urge you to contribute towards these important community projects by sending your valuable contributions/ donations. Your support will help to keep “Humta Hukhta Hvarshta”— the one and only program on the Parsee community – alive and enable us to support all these charitable and educational activities of Frohar Foundation. The Donations are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Please draw- the Cheques in favour of FROHAR FOUNDATION cross and order and send them to the following address:-12, Karani House, Off. Dr. C.H. Street, Dhobi Talao, Mumhai— 400 002.

For FROHAR FOUNDATION A. D. Baria [Trustee]


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