The Parsees – Their History, Manners, Customs and Religion

The Parsees –  Their History, Manners, Customs and Religion – Dosabhoy Framjee – 1858

The object of this work is to make the English public acquainted with the  history, belief, and manners of the Parsees, who, though unimportant in point of numbers, have, by their commercial habits, formed an important link between the English in India and the native inhabitants.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney


  • A brilliant piece of literature of great value to Parsees. A must read for our youth to instill pride in our youth for our community, its history and what this community is capable of achieving. This book was written with the purpose of acquainting the Europeans about Parsees as a community and their religion, distinctly different from Hindu and Muslim but unknown to many then, as even now, in India and elsewhere. The gracious 19th century style is refreshingly beautiful reminiscent of era gone by.

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