Tarapur Dharamshala

Pesi Bharda – Cawasji Mobed Dharamshala, Parsi Wada, Station Boisar (W.Rly.) , Taluka Palghar, Village Tarapur  401502, Dist. Thane

Phone – 02525 -280180
Mobile –
9892828417  Er. Hosi Pesi Bharda
9967956562 – Mr. Pesi Bharda
9967956574 – Mrs. Aban Pesi Bharda

Lodging – Rs. 50 per head per day
Boarding – Rs. 350 per head per day

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  • We had been frequently visiting Tarapur (Tarapore) since the more than the last 35 years. Earlier, the rooms had adequate light and ventilation, but the toilets were outside. After it was renovated, attached toilets have been constructed in such a way that the entire light and ventilation has got blocked, and the room has turned into a dark dungeon. So beware of this fact. There is also a cantankerous Trustee who often visits the Dharamshala and creates a ruckus when the guests keep the light on during the day or use the fan during the winter season (despite charging separately for electricity). In fact, the poor managers, who are paid a miserably low salary suffer because guests avoid paying a return visit to the Dharamshala after a bad experience.

    The toddy in Tarapur is lovely. The beach, which is at a 10-15 minutes walking distance is not bad (though the nearby Chinchani beach is much better). I do not know about the quality of the food being currently served. But the place is tolerable for an overnight visit only for toddy drinking.

    • jehangir gai i think since many years yu have mnot come to tarapur dharamshala, first come and see ,toady wht we have, wht type of good and nice food we serve.

  • Thank you for ‘sharing’ the details of the Dharamshala.
    Will surely take up Hoshi Bharda’s invitation and experience the difference he so states.

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