Varadhiyo (New House Muhrat)

Varadhyo (New House Muhurat)

What to take:

1 small Matki, 2 new coconuts (one for ses, one to put on the matki), 3 small garlands (one for ses batti, one for Lord Zarthustra, one garland to put it on Matki while taking from home).

Take flower na haar for as many doors you have in the house, paan, kharek, sopari,  badam bataso (optional), harad no gathio,  7 to 9 Paan,  1 kg. Wheat, 1 fistful rice, Rice flour and Haldi powder for Kharptu, Kankoo,(take small bowls and a spoon to mix haldi and kankoo), Rose water, Big Salt in a small bottle, eggs for main door, kitchen door (if u like take for a bedroom also), afarganyo for loban, kolsa (coal) If u do not have gas or stove, take thick loban aggarbatties, Match box, glass for batti, oil for batti, kakra ni dabbi,  Jarthost ni Frame, Prayer Book Avesta,  Chowk na dabba, chuno, colours, broom, swab, small bucket, mug, nails and hammer to put at all doors to hang toran, small stool or teapoy, Matloo/ water filter (optional), sukhad/loban, napkin, soap,knife,spoon, fork, newspaper, dusters,Mugs or cups small utensils with lid,Tea, milk powder, sugar, Ghee, sev or ravo,plates,glasses,old newspaper, tong (chipyo), maybe electric stove, dryfurits to sprinkle on sev/ravo, essence, Red  Pen, Paper, some sweet meats (mithai), table cloth, lock, keys.

While leaving your old house take a bottle of water with you to the new house.

If there are no nails on the door to tie ful ni toran, take some nails,(cello tape in case you cannot hammer nails), hammer etc to fix the nails.

You may  get done Jashan/Fareshta on the same day, or you could get it done sometime later.

When you reach there, clean the place, sweep, swab, chowlk toran etc.

Do Kasti and batti in the ses garland. Take loban around the house.(if u don’t have afaganyoo, take agarbatti around)

You may do Kharaptu on the doors. (optional) (Harad,Kankoo na tila)

Clean the place anywhere in the house Hall, kitchen, Bedroom where you want to put the Varadhiyo in the East direction.

  1. Put chalk  (you may do Kharaptoo on the kitchen platform wall if doing in the kitchen-optiional)
  2. Sprinkle little salt on the door step  ( on sides) to ward of negativities.
  3. Spread wheat in a heap.
  4. On the top put handful of rice
  5. Take the matki ¾ filled with water and place it on top of the heap
  6. Bring the ses and Jarthost frame also and keep it near the Varadhiya
  7. Do tili on the Matki and put a coconut on the matki.
  8. Garland the Vardhiya
  9. If you like you may put Laksmi Pagla near the varidhya (Optional)
  10. Page lagi ne duva mango
  11. Put loban Afarganyoo near the varadhiya put sukhad, loban.
  12. Share the mithai with everyone, Make  tea and ravo if you like.

Next day or whenever u go collect everything in paper bag. Dariye nahi to river ma vattoo karvanoo.

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra


  • Another way of doing it is when you leave your old home you must carry 1/2 filled matki with water and the other half you must fill with water at the new house. You may if you like also put a small red cloth over the matki and then put the coconut on it. On the matki you may do Kharptu/swastik or just 5 tilas of Harad and kankoo.

  • thank you ms tantra, you reminded me of my moms.

    she insisted on doing this, whenever any of us shifted into a new house.
    when my brother hoshang and his wife zarine shifted into their new home after marrying, she took all of us all the way to andheri, to the new house and we did jhadoo,katko,chok,toran and she placed the varadhiyo, did the kharapta on all doors and was so very happy.
    after a few days, when we went for the jashan, we saw the wheat sprouting and exclaimed….”mamma, aa soo chhe?”
    she smiled and said, “its a good sign.aa gherma maro dikro ane enoo kutumb ghanoo fulse ane false.”,
    and she was right…my brother and bhabhi have been v happy..god bless them.
    and i wish every parsee family would follow this small ritual.
    dr.arnavaz m. havewala

  • Please tell me the method how to pick up varadhio from new house

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