FEZANA Welfare Appeal

Please donate to FEZANA Welfare Fund:

Through the year FEZANA Welfare Committee gets number of requests, after due diligence we do the best we can from the limited resources we have.
When you donate for a cause and the requirements are fulfilled, the money remains in the fund and is disbursed to the next applicant.
We have helped community members in need here in North America and throughout the world.
At present we have been asked to assist a 35 year old single parent who has a 7 year old daughter.
The mother has been treated for Encephalitis for the past four and a half months in Mumbai , India.
She is partially paralyzed and is getting treatment through medication and physiotherapy.
Her and her retired parents savings have been depleted to meet her medical expense.
Please send your donations to FEZANA Treasurer: Ratan Mistry, 1258 Lily Way, San Jose. CA 95129.
We pray Ahura Mazda grants her to regain her health so that she can be there to guide her daughter to a good Zarthusti life and take care of her parents in their retired life.
Thank you for your help and support always.
Love and good thoughts,
Freyaz Shroff, Houtoxi Contractor, Hosi Mehta
FEZANA Welfare Committee.

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