Celebrating 500,000 hits

Dear Friends,

Today we cross 500,000 hits on our website. Thanks to Zoroastrians across the world. What started as a simple hobby, we have crossed our own expectations. We continue to post items of relevance and interest to the community across the world.

We are not a newspaper, although news items do manage to creep in. We would rather stick to our original mandate of creating an archive for posterity. These include books, photos and videos of unique value from multiple sources.

Please write in and let us know what you like, what you dislike and most of all, what you would like to see more of.

Please do refer us to your friends and ask them to subscribe for their daily updates on the community – past, present and future !

Thanks once again to all friends and well-wishers who have shared material whole-heartedly for the benefit of the community.

Best Wishes,

Yazdi Tantra


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  • Congratulations Yezdi and all the team at z-net! You have a great portal which serves the community well. Well done and thanks for your efforts!

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