Dear Sirs/Madam,
My dad Mehernosh Kapadia has met with an accident and lost vision in his right eye due to retinal detachment.
An emergency operation has to be conducted on him and all specialist we and our family doctors know are out of  Bombay ( for conference/diwali)who specialise in this retinal operation. If any one of you know of someone please do let us know on +91-9870327564
kind regards
kapadia family


  • Please try Dr. Shaheen Zaveri she is a super doc from Vashi who is an eye surgeon… her number is 9820577528
    Best Wishes…
    Ronnie Surty – Dubai
    Email: r99s99@gmail.com

  • In Navsari There is a very reputed Eye hospital, It says it is second in whole Asia. Try there. Wishing all the best.
    Aloo Fanibanda.

  • sorry for late response
    pl try on internet first
    AJEH-Aditya Jyot Eye Hosp. Mumbai
    lpease try in PUNE,
    AFMC – Armed Forces Medical College http://www.afmc.nic.in
    MH(SC) – Military Hospital Southern command
    PBMA – The POONA Blind Men’s Assn. Email: pbna52@vsnl.com


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