Boi Prayer on You Tube

Dear friends,

How would you like to hear and participate in the recital of our beautiful “ B O I prayers”  from your  computer, cell phone  or tablet ?  Or   for the prayer to be heard as you drive on your way to work ?

Please click on the  link below and hear the serene voice of our Ervad  Kobad Jamshed, sing out the prayers in his rich sonorous tone.

The Prayer  comes to you in two parts as YouTube has a limit on size and length of time, hence the two URL links.

It is on YouTube but not listed, only those who get the link can see it.


So if you give out the link, request the person to maintain reasonable  safeguards. Please DO NOT paste the link on public forums like Facebook.

Turn your speakers on for a virtual “Dar-E-Meher”  kind of experience”, and  imagine yourself being in front of the fire with a Dastur performing the beautiful prayers, once if not 5 times a day.             PART 1           PART 2

Ushte  te

Rusi Sorabji




Shaurya Chakra for Mogal who saved six lives

Indian Navys Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal from Mumbai was awarded the Shaurya Chakra ( posthumous) on Monday for his gallant deed of attending to the call of duty at the cost of his own life on August 30, last. ” For an unmatched show of fearless valour in the face of death that saved the lives of six men onboard, Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal is awarded ‘Shaurya Chakra’, posthumously”, reads the citation of the award.

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Minoo Jokhi


What Is Cube Root of 667627624 in 5 seconds. It is 874. That is Minoo Jokhi for you. A Mathemagician cum Memory Development Trainer. For Minoo; Life is a NUMBERS GAME and the joy he gets and also shares with others is amazing.

Was Minoo a child prodigy? He was so weak in his school days that he couldn’t do simple tables of 4 or 9. He had practically lost hope that he would ever do something in his life till his 10th grade when an amazing transformation took place.

People normally avoid improving their weak areas. But not Minoo who made his weakest point his greatest asset. To the amazement of all his school mates; he mastered the very subject where he was a BIG  ZERO. Today; over 80 Leading Indian Magazines and Newspapers have featured him. Also he has come more than 10 times on Television.
He has been invited to many prestigious schools, colleges, clubs and companies. He has performed more than 600 shows at this young age.

Today Minoo remembers Tables up to one Crore, can also multiply huge figures mentally at amazing speeds, can remember over 2000 Birthdates and Telephone numbers, can tell you the Day of any Date from 1st January 1600 to date and remembers Cube Roots up to 1000000000.

Minoo Jokhi is the second person after General Sam Maneckshaw to have been conferred the prestigious Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South. He has performed abroad too at the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress, USA in the year 2000 and at the International Medical Congresses held in Sri Lanka in 2002, 2003, 2004  2005 and 2007. He was invited to attend and participate in  the Parliament of World Religions held in Spain, Barcelona in July 2004 and represented India as the only youth Speaker at the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Indonesia in May 2006. He also performed a series of shows at the 14th North American Zoroastrian Congress held in Toronto, Canada in July 2007.

Minoo Jokhi is a friendly and a helpful person by nature. He conducts classes in Memory-Development, which is his specialty where he has various levels of Memory Enhancement Techniques Courses and also teaches Personality-Development, Public Speaking, Mathematics and Basic cum Advanced English and is not just a teacher but also a friend cum guide to his students. He can be contacted by anyone who desires his services. He also is a Numerologist and provides NumerologyConsultations. His future plans include writing books on Memory-

Development and to be involved in Acting and Modelling. He has a passion for giving speeches and has given speeches at public forums including Parsi Religion speeches at the fire temples and he loves children very much.

The best thing about this Mathemagician is that he is hungry to learn constantly and is amazingly versatile. He is a brilliant public speaker having won 15 first prizes, is into Insurance, Acting, Karate, Yoga, etc.
He has also made a name for himself in Lawn Tennis where he has won various trophies at the club level and wishes to go further in it. He is a brilliant tutor who specializes in teaching Memory-Development to people of all ages. People of all ages have learned the Memory Enhancing Program from him and all have immensely benefited. He
has trained over 3000 students todate. He can be contacted on Mobile No 9821407519 and his e-mail is and landline no is 91-22-22182246.
He also has a website:

Tata’s choice of chairman preserves Parsi tradition

The days when Mumbai’s Parsi community dominated a city they helped to build may have faded, but the rise of Cyrus Mistry to the helm of the Tata Group reinforces the clout it wields in some of India’s biggest conglomerates.
Mistry’s selection as chairman-designate of India’s biggest corporate house keeps the group close to the founding Tata family as he is a member through the marriage of his sister. The choice also keeps the business in the hands of the close-knit community which is as old as the city itself.
From shipyards to textile firms, Mumbai’s Parsis, descendants of Persians who first landed in India in the ninth century, led the city’s commercial development from sleepy fishing islands to one of Asia’s business capitals.
Big business houses led by the Tata, Godrej and Wadia families keep that tradition alive today.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

Ratan Tata’s successor announced – Cyrus Mistry

The man who will head a group synonymous with Indian industry is an Irish national and shares his birth date (July 4) with the US Independence Day. But in many ways, he resembles the business giant he has been handpicked to succeed. Like Ratan Tata, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, 43, is described by close friends as soft-spoken, candid and down to earth.

Again like Tata, Mistry is said to love cars — especially SUVs — and steers clear of the cocktail party circuit. But unlike lifelong bachelor Tata, Mistry is said to be a devoted family man. He is married to Rohiqa, daughter of renowed lawyer Iqbal Chagla, and the couple have two school-going sons.

Mistry is known to be a foodie and his favourite holiday destination is Europe. Besides Mumbai, he owns houses in London and Pune.

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How to put Loban

In my interaction with devotees at our Daremeher and outside I have noticed that there is a great deal of ignorance about the correct procedures to be followed when visiting our spiritual institutions. One such case in point is the procedure to be followed by a devotee after the prayers for a deceased member of the family have been done.

When a family member passes away, the relatives of the deceased generally have prayers said with some intensity during the first year. In general, prayers are said on the Roj of death (called Rojgar), theFravardin Roj (All Souls Day) and the Parab (same Roj and Mah) of every month. In addition, prayers are done on the Siroza days and the Gahambar days. In all these cases, three specific prayers are done on the carpet – the Stum, Afringan and Farokshi; whereas the Baj is performed in the Urvisgah orPavi area of the Daremeher. Generally a pair of priests sit down and one recites the Stum and Farokshi whereas the other will perform the Afringan. Once these prayers are over, the priests invite the relatives of the deceased to the carpet with the words: ‘Loban muko ji.’

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Courtesy : Erv. Marzban J. Hathiram

Russi Patel

Mr. Russi Patel of WZCC-ME,  has been felicitated by the Hon’ble Union Minister Dr. Verappa Moily, Union Minister for Government of India on October 2, 2011 at the 30th Inaugural function of the ICAI (Dubai Chapter).
This is a significant accomplishment that is irrefutably deserving for all his dedication.
Such felicitations and information will greatly inspire our young budding Zoroastrian professionals.
Once again, please accept our heartiest congratulations

Russi has come out with a book for NRIs which is invaluable for those looking for such information.

Document.(RJP -NRI Book revised) pdf

Museum of World Religions (MWR)

Brief report on MWR

Who raised the consciousness of all humanity to One Divine?…….. Zarathushtra.
Who was the first Great Poet of epics even before the Mahabharata?…….Zarathushtra.
Who was the one who revealed the attributes of the Almighty?………….Zarathushtra.
Can we ask why His name, His deeds, His wisdom is not recognised amongst the Greatest.
This was my feeble attempt to take up the project of representing “The Religion of
Zarathushtra” in the Museum of World Religions.


Observe the writing on the main board, The Religion of Zarathushtra is not mentioned.

It broke my heart. I was persistent in my attempts. It finally paid of.
The Religion of Zarathushtra is now represented in the Museum of World Religions.

The Dharma Master Hsin (heart) Tao (the way), originated the idea of the museum of world religions. A way to show the beauty of all religions. The museum is not just a collection of artefacts, it employs modern technology to reveal the truth in every religion. It is a living breathing entity, that can stir the visitors heart. His dream is to create a world Global body of Tolerance, Love and Peace.

MWR Decennial Celebrations, were celebrated on Nov. 9th, 2011, with affection, pomp, style and genuine Taiwanese hospitality. May I mention here that the Taiwanese people are one of the most affectionate people in the whole world.
The Master’s message was “…. nothing is impossible for a true heart.” His life proves it. He laid stress on the plans for the next ten years. He invited experts from all over the world to share their ideas and make his dream of having numerous museum of religions in major centres of the world. There is one group whose plans are already on the way for making one in Birmingham, UK. I believe the Zoroastrians are involved. There are hopes for museums mushrooming in India, Middle East, China etc.

The MWR authorities were kind enough to inaugurate the display of our Zarathushtrian stand in this event. Over a 100, 000 people local & foreign visit every year. It will give our religion a much needed exposure.

An international symposium on: How to create a Museum of World Religions was held. Many experts gave their views. The hope is that the symposium will be the starting point of strengthening collaborations of similar ventures between various countries and cultures.

As with all births, there were birth pangs in starting a venture like this. Sometimes it looked like an impossible task. One lady came to the rescue. Her name is Alison Liu. She is the Asst. Curator of the museum. She took up the task. The global Zarathushtrian community owes her a lot for her devoted effort to our cause.

Finally the day arrived. The Religion of Zarathushtra is now represented in the Museum of World Religions.

Many, many Zarathushtrians helped from all over the world, one way or another. This is truly a Zrathushtrians United effort.

…… Perviz Dubash


THE GATHAS – Least known facts

THE GATHAS  – Least known facts

The Gathas were most fragmentarily comprehensible even to the more intelligent among Zarathustra’s lay contemporaries, and long before the restoration of the Mazdayasnian Religion in the Sasanian period, the priestly tradition seems to have lost a reliable knowledge of the contents of these holy texts, of their poetical style, of their syntactical and morphological rules, and of lexical meanings of numerous words.  It is the power of these holy texts and their recitations which continue to be relevant to this day.  The interpretation of the Gathas as a religious textbook or a code of laws, or even as collective Sermons is likely to be rather recent.


A great many of modern scholars start out from the premise that the Gathas are a systematic though complicated exposition of the basic tenets of the religion preached by Zarathushtra but this does not tally with the facts. Just a glance at the statistics of the use of the vocative case in the Gathas makes evident that these  holy texts are invocations of Ahura Mazda and philosophical conversations with Him, the initiated one par excellence, whereas humans are apostrophized only occasionally in sort of rhetorical digression.


Often enough it happens that adherents or scholars refer to Gatha passages quoted with assertion that “the prophet teaches.” Without any regard to the correctness or incorrectness or fancifulness of the respective translation proposed by those authors such assertions basically erroneous.


The Gathas are composed to be used for ritual purposes. They are cryptic texts of an archaic kind of spirituality, documents of a ritual philosophy, full of deliberate ambiguities and metaphorical expressions, behind which the details of their ritual, religious, and historical backgrounds and together with them, Zarathustra’s place in the development of human thought that can be easily made out to be far superior than the later sages of other religions who followed him … …


Best wishes,

Dr. Pallan Ichaporia, Ph.D.,