Old LP Records

I have to give away some precious old LP records which can be played on the Gramophone. The titles include :
Sound of Music
My Fair Lady
Yehudi Menuhin
Zubin Mehta
Children’s Songs and Fairy Tales
Apparently they are in very good condition, but I cannot vouch for that since I have not been able to play them.
If anyone is interested, please do write to me immediately at yazdi@on-lyne.com and have it picked up on first-come-first-serve basis.

Yazdi Tantra

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  • I must congratulate Mr. YAZDI TANTRA for this.

    I suggest these precious recordings should be digitized and copies made on Music CD/DVDs and sold; the proceeds can go to Charities to be decided by Mr. Yezdi after deducting the cost.

    Two of my lady friends had a fantastic collection of LPs, unfortunately don’t know what the family did with it; must have sold it to scrap dealers for a pittance in utter disregard for the departed person who had so lovingly made such a collection; thus denying the present generation of such a beautiful collection of songs and music.

    I think all zoroastrians having the same from their departed loved ones should make a combined effort to preserve those beautiful songs and music for our future generations.

    If I can help in some way I offer my services.

    Amaria Boman E.

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