COO Required for Zoroastrian Bank

Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank is a premier co-operative Bank with more than 84 years’ record of service to the community. Its total business has crossed Rs.1,000 crores with zero NPAs.


We are currently looking for a seasoned banker from community as Chief Operating Officer.  He should be between the age group of 45-55 years with minimum 15 years of experience in Banking or other Financial Services Industry, either in Public Sector or Private Sector.  He should be well qualified and proficient in banking law and practices, management of credit portfolio, investment related matters, marketing of retail and corporate products and energetic in overall management and superintendence.


As Chief Operating Officer, he will be responsible for overall business growth and development, administration of branches, canvassing and marketing for corporate and retail businesses, monitoring and supervision of borrowal accounts building a leadership pipeline and all other administrative matters.  He will also be a contender for the CEO’s position after one year of his stint with the Bank.


Remuneration will be subject to negotiations.  Please send in your career profile along with existing and expected remuneration to immediately.

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