Doa-e-Tandarosti on your screen

Dear Friends,

How would you like to wake up to the recital of  Doa-e-Tandarosti from your  computer or tablet.

Or the prayer to be recited for you as you get ready for the  day?

Please watch the  link below and hear the serene voice of our Kobad sing out the prayers in his rich voice, whom I address as Appra Vada Dasturji, has done a good job.

Turn your speakers on for a virtual “Dar-E-Meher kind of experience”, imagine yourself standing there.

It is on YouTube but not listed, only those who get the link can see it.

So if you give out the link, request the person to maintain reasonable  safeguards.

Your comments  and feedback appreciated.

Tandarosti to you

Rusi Sorabji

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