Boi Prayer on You Tube

Dear friends,

How would you like to hear and participate in the recital of our beautiful “ B O I prayers”  from your  computer, cell phone  or tablet ?  Or   for the prayer to be heard as you drive on your way to work ?

Please click on the  link below and hear the serene voice of our Ervad  Kobad Jamshed, sing out the prayers in his rich sonorous tone.

The Prayer  comes to you in two parts as YouTube has a limit on size and length of time, hence the two URL links.

It is on YouTube but not listed, only those who get the link can see it.


So if you give out the link, request the person to maintain reasonable  safeguards. Please DO NOT paste the link on public forums like Facebook.

Turn your speakers on for a virtual “Dar-E-Meher”  kind of experience”, and  imagine yourself being in front of the fire with a Dastur performing the beautiful prayers, once if not 5 times a day.             PART 1           PART 2

Ushte  te

Rusi Sorabji



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