Know the Acting Secrets of Hollywood stars

Know the Acting Secrets of  Hollywood stars 
Do you want to learn the acting technique followed by Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Marilyn Monroe and many more Hollywood stars join the THE MICHAEL CHEKHOV ACTING TECHNIQUE Weekend Course By Oorvazi Irani
January 2012 – 7th Sat, 8th Sun, 14th Sat, 15th Sun

Venue: Malad East
Fees Rs 5,500
Contact: 9821082944

Testimonials for the Dvd on the Chekov technique created and produced by Oorvazi Irani :

” It is superbly done. There is a lot of intrigue in this method, the way you have described it. I feel you might need some fierce marketing for its awareness to spread. Very well packaged tutorial on the Chekhov technique ! Wish you all the success with it ! ”

–Ashutosh Gowarikar

” In Oorvazi Irani’s sensitive presentation of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, she guides the actor through Chekhov’s psycho-physical process with, grace, elegance, intelligence and joyfulness. Oorvazi is an articulate actor and teacher, profoundly moved and motivated by Chekhov’s lifelong study of the art of acting. In this formidable and artistic presentation, Oorvazi provides a progressive journey for actors, inspiring them to explore their untapped imaginative resources, deepening and enriching their creative individuality. ”

— Joanna Merlin, President of the Michael Chekhov Association -New York, USA

Video Testimonials of the students who have attended Oorvazi’s course available on the main home page of the project website


Norwegian Ph.D. student looking for Parsi research assistants in Bombay

My name is Håkon Tandberg, and I’m a Ph.D. researcher from Norway studying Zoroastrianism. I’ve earlier enjoyed a research visit among the Parsis in Mumbai (2008), and will now return for 6 weeks this upcoming February. I’m looking for two (or more) Parsi individuals (of both sexes) that would be interested in working together with me as research assistants for a short period of time. The list below is a preliminary sketch of requirements, but is open to flexible modifications as per the interest(s) and time resources of the assistant.

Research time span: 4 weeks (20 Feb – 19 March, on selected days during this period depending on the assistant’s schedule and wishes)

Time duration: 2-4 hour shifts (X many shifts, depending on the assistant’s schedule and wishes)

Type of work: Observe religious worship at an agiary (in agreement with the specific panthak and head priest)

Compensation: Hour based, payment according to contract (INR 200 pr.hour, negotiable – contact me for more specific information)

Requirements: Fluency in English (and Gujarati), ability to cooperate and some religious knowledge/literacy

If this sounds interesting, please contact me for more details concerning the specific research, my main contacts in Mumbai, or anything relating to these issues. Please do not hesitate to pass on
the information to someone you think would be interested.
Kind regards,
Håkon TandbergUniversity of BergenNorway

Email: or

Phone: +0047 55582472

Courtesy : Dinyar Patel

Zoroastrians Stepping Forward

Zoroastrians Stepping Forward 

The Zoroastrians Stepping Forward initiative was born from a NextGenNow (NGN) session at the Fifth World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Vancouver, 2011. Our goal is to raise awareness for those in need, particularly with a focus on shoes as an essential accessory to survival. Together, we can make a difference locally by addressing a global cause. Our leadership team, in collaboration with members of the NGN leadership team, is grateful for your time in reviewing our appeal for participation in the First Annual Zoroastrian Day of Service.
Many of us take shoes for granted. They ease our mobility and act as an accessory. But could you imagine living without them—working on a farm, going to school, or traveling along hot roads, don’t we all need best work shoes for standing on concrete? Please join us this holiday season and on the First Annual Zoroastrian Day of Service, to be held on May 5th, 2012.
We are asking for your support in making the Day of Service a success. Organize a day of fun with your community! Collect gently used shoes and help raise funds, for this important cause. There are many activities you can do, including: a sports day, picnic, silent auction or a community walk.
After collecting the gently used shoes, decide on where you can donate locally to make a difference. Choose from homeless shelters, to women’s shelters, orphanages, community organizations, YMCAs, Amvets, Goodwill, and those within your Zoroastrian community who may benefit.
We look forward to sending you more details in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at or 626.378.5564 for more information.
On behalf of the Zoroastrians Stepping Forward and NGN leadership teams, we thank you for your time, interest and consideration. This project means a lot to many of us and we hope it means just as much to you. As Zarathushtra once said, “Taking the first footstep with a good thought, the second with a good word and the third with a good deed, I entered Paradise.”
Let’s take the first step together!

Behrose B. Taraporewalla

“I am in the world to change the world”–Kathe Kollwitz

On a runaway stride-Ayesha Billimoria

It was in 2003, that a slight, typically fair-skinned Parsi girl – 16-years-old at the time – was anxiously shaking off her nerves before taking her mark for the 200 meter race in her first ever National level tournament in Patiala. As Ayesha Billimoria placed her foot on the starting block and crouched into position, the race was halted by one of the officials who singled her out of the line-up. To her disbelief, she was about to be disqualified on the grounds of being a foreigner. That was until, her mother was able to fish out her birth certificate from her stack of documents that she was carrying along.

Click Here for the full story

Fali Chothia Trust Awardees

The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust is pleased to announce that the following students are the recipients of this year’s awards:
Hooman Attaie is pursuing a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Youngstown State University after migrating to the US last year as a refugee from Iran. He struggles to make ends meet by working odd jobs, and is determined to give back to his community once he is established in his own career.
Parmis Behmardi is currently enrolled in a Master of Information program at the University of Toronto. She has been active in extra curricular activities, including serving as president of the Zoroastrian Youth of BC and volunteering in Zoroastrian and community activities. She feels strongly that it is her responsibility to educate non-Zarathushtis about our religion, and takes every opportunity to do so.
Malcolm Cooper attends the University of Delaware as a music major, and hopes to pursue a career in opera. Malcolm’s performances have already taken him across the US and as far away as China. He is an ordained mobedyar, and spends much of his time volunteering with community organizations.
Sheena Driver is obtaining a Masters in Business Administration at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Ca. She lost her father at an early age and has held jobs since she was 16. Sheena has been active in Zoroastrian community and charitable affairs in Northern California and in India.
Parissa Javedani, a four-time recipient, is in her fourth year in medical school at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine. In addition to keeping up with a demanding curriculum, Parissa finds time to be a leader and volunteer in numerous organizations.
Kaizad Patel is pursuing a Masters in Environmental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He is passionate about nature and preserving the environment and has been involved in organizations engaged in nature conservation research. He hopes to put his education to good use by working with issues such as risk assessment, nuclear installations, and as a general advocate for “profitability through sustainability.”
Rayomand Ravji is studying psychology at the University of Illinois. He intends to pursue a career in health care, and is involved in volunteer activities with hospitals and medical associations. He is a navar, maratab, and proudly carries out his priestly duties by serving his local Zoroastrian community in Chicago.
Rohan Vilms is pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of California. His childhood in Mumbai opened his eyes to the plight of the impoverished and he is passionate about focusing his career on improving health conditions in developing countries. He has served as a fellow with a rural community health project in south India.
The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust was established in 1988 to help provide scholarships to needy Zarathushti students. Awards are based on financial need, educational achievement, and community service. The trust is established under the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington Inc. (ZAMWI), and makes awards to students from all parts of the US and Canada.
The US Chapter of the World Zoroastrian Organisation supports the Fali Chothia Trust’s scholarship program by contributing to this worthy cause. Donations made to the trust are tax exempt, and go directly toward the corpus of the fund. Individual members of the Board of Trustees absorb all administrative, mailing, and other fund-raising costs.
If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, please send a check made payable to “ZAMWI/Fali Chothia Charitable Trust” to: 10300 Farnham Drive, Bethesda MD 20814.
Thank you.

The Parsis in Delhi

The Parsi community in Delhi is struggling because of dwindling numbers. But how is it really coping with this issue? NDTV visits the only Parsi temple in New Delhi on its 50th Anniversary, to know more.
Shiela Dixit’s Opening Remarks
It’s golden jubilee time at the Parsi Anjuman, New Delhi’s Fire Temple, reports Sonal Srivastava.The Parsi community in New Delhi is ready for Jashan – a fire ritual similar to havan among Hindus. In Jashan, the ceremony is performed on a white sheet with a pot of milk and flowers. Sandalwood and incense are used to keep the holy fire burning. The Jashan will be a part of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman’s celebration of the Golden Jubilee year of the holy fire in the Kaikhushru Pallonji Katrak Dar-e-Meher fire temple. The two-day celebrations starting December 18 will include panel discussions, an exhibition and a play besides the much awaited dance and dinner.
We have values, we are very proud of,” Mistry

Interesting Episode

F R O H A R   F I L M S’
Frohar Films presents a very unusual & interesting episode on Swami
Mahamandaleshwara Veda Bharati of Rishikesh & his discourses to the
Parsi Zoroastrians at  Cusrow Baug- Mumbai.
Swamiji talking  about Prophet Zarathustra, His Teachings, and his
opinion about the Parsi Community                                 ON

The only Tele – Serial on Zoroastrian Religion & Culture – Humata
Hukhta Hvarshta – Sunday 25th December,2011  on   Zee  Jagran channel
– Zee Network, at 12.00 noon.

This Tele-Serial of Frohar Films is Designed and Directed by Ervad Dr.
Cyrus Dastoor.

Send your Suggestions and Contributions to
FROHAR FOUNDATION, P. O. Box – 4112, Mumbai – 400 007.
Email :

13th Zoroastrian Games

Dear Friends,

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO) and the Zoroastrian Sports Committee (ZSC) cordially invite you to join us for the 13th Zoroastrian Games in Toronto, ON Canada. We look forward to seeing you for yet another memorable event of sports, competition, socializing and meeting with new and old friends beginning on June 29th through July 3rd at York University. Details of registration will be coming your way soon.

For more info, go to: 
What:      The 13th Zoroastrian Games
When:      June 29 – July 3, 2012
Where:     The Magnificent York University

If you have questions, please contact us via email:

See you this summer in beautiful Toronto!


Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (2012 Host Committee)
Zoroastrian Sports Committee 

Z Places of Worship

Fifth NAZ Religion Seminar – videos – Z Places of Worship

North American Zoroastrian Religious Tele – Class  – Sunday December 11 11 AM (SST) Ervad Soli P. Dastur

A Zoroastrian Religion Class was held by Telephone on December 11th by Ervad Soli P. Dastur from his home, Hira Villa, in Sarasota, Florida.

About 60+ people joined in by calling a Tele-meeting phone number. The people were from both Canada and USA, from NY to Dallas, Montreal to Miami.

The class material was a PowerPoint Presentation on The Zoroastrian Places of Worship (ZPOW). It covered the consecration ceremonies of Atash Behrams,

Adarians and Dadgahs. It presented Marzban Giara’s excellent book on our Global ZPOW as well as Homi & Diane Limbuwalla’s website of ZPOW with Google maps.

Photos of some ZPOWs all over the world were presented. A short account of the Proper Etiquette for presenting oneself to this ZPOWs was given. A historical evolution of our ZPOWs from Iran to India was discussed. Finally, the permanent question: “We do not understand what we are praying in our daily prayers” was answered by suggesting some alternatives. The final prayer in English, from Dr. Dhalla’s book: Homage Unto Ahura Mazda: “May thy Fire burn forever in my house, Ahura Mazda”, was recited by all together ending with our signature Zoroastrian greeting of: “Hamaa Zor, Hamaa Asho Bade” (May we be united in righteousness) performed by all attending the Class, a cyber Hamaa Zor all over North America!

The PowerPoint Presentation slides and 1 explanatory file for the daily prayers were sent out to all participants ahead of time. In most homes, families gathered in front of their computers following slides of this presentation as I spoke about them from my home. In Orlando, a group of 20+ of our Central Florida Group members came together in a conference room, thanks to our own Dinyar Mehta and Perzid Ichaporia, and the slides were projected on the screen for all to see. These files are attached to this message. Many of the interested Humdins wanted us to place this one hour class as an Internet video. Last one was done by Yazdi Tantra and his associates in Mumbai on his excellent website from the one hour video Jo Ann recorded in our home. Our FEZANA President Bomi Patel referred me to Rumi Jasavala, OZCF, Toronto, Canada who has done quite a bit of work on Video Conferencing. Rumi helped me to put this recent Tele Class video Jo Ann recorded on YouTube. In order to meet the YouTube restrictions of length, I had to create 8 segments of these one hour Tele Class video and have successfully uploaded them in YouTube and we are pleased to inform you that all you Hafta Keshwar Zamin Humdins can access them at the YouTube:

Please let me know what you think of it.

Please note that I am not yet an expert in YouTube. This is my first encounter with it and I will be improving these segments to make them better in future. Hope you all enjoy seeing them. Once again, thank you Rumi for all your help.

May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity, Tolerance burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

 Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaami! (May it be so as I wish!)

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli Dastur

Zoroastrianism in China

Summary of my two months field research in China
(All Rights Protected)
Dr. Pallan Ichaporia

1.     The decorations  on tomb epitaphs of Ke Jing, a Zoroastrian of Northern Wei

  period has the  names of the Zoroastrian deities identified by scholar Shi   


2.      Unearthed at Anyang in 1920 are the Zoroastrian elements on Qi mortuary, carved on a Sogdian-Zoroastrian ossuary now in the Palace Museum, Peking.

3.     Two recently discovered masterpieces of stone carvings. One  in 1999 from  excavated tomb of Zoroastrian Yu Hong in Taiyun, Shanxi province dated to Sui dynasty. The second major discovery are the stone carvings on the screen surrounding a mortuary divan found during the excavation in May-July 2000 in the tomb of another Zoroastrian aristocrat An Qi  in Xi’an, in Shaanxi province.

4.     The full excavation of Zoroastrian temple in Jiexiu county town, was examined by me.  The inscriptions record its first construction as Xuanshen-lou meaning Zoroastrian Temple. The inscriptions record its construction during the Northern Song dynasty and it was repaired in 1674 during theKangxi period.

5.     The partly excavated Zoroastrian Temple at  Dunhuang, (see Dunhuang Research, Dunhuang Academy, Dunhaung, Gansu, 1999).. The excavation will be completed in 2012. This was also examined on my recent field study.

6.     In 1955 archeologists unearthed The Tomb Epitaph of Lady Ma, the wife ofSu Liang near the western gate of Xi’an. The epitaph was inscribed in two languages – Chinese and Pahlavi. It is the most important bilingual text evidence of the presence of Zoroastrians in ancient China. The Japanese scholar Itoo Yoshinori published a study “A linguistic study of the Pahlavi in the bilingual in the Chinese-Pahlavi epitaph unearthed in Xi’an, 1964”,  and he concluded that the family traveled  beyond Amu Darya (Oxus River)  towards east in the wake of the Arab invasion and arrived in China during early Tang dynasty. This inscription was further studied by W.Sunderman  and T.Thilo in 1966,and J.Harmata in 1971 . Helmut Humbach and Wang Shippimg refined the interpretation of the epitaph, see “Die Pahlavi-Chineseche bilingue von Xi’an”, Acta Iranica, 28, 1988.