Was it an Ancient Zoroastrian City

A very interesting  video from History Channel


2 thoughts on “Was it an Ancient Zoroastrian City”

  1. NO for several reasons – Pl. read below

    1.The FAROHAR shown in the clip is from Persipolis and Behistun Mountains -Achemenian Times

    2. Absence of any inscriptions,

    3 Nothing is said about Ahuramazda any where in the so called Zoroastrian city except we hear from the commentators

    4 .The pages shown are from Vendidad (from extant Manuscript of 1930 CE) about Ice age and Yima

    5. No mention of Yima (Jamsheed) who built VAR (enclosure) per Vendidad.

    6 No Stone Fire Vase (Afarganyu) carved on any wall

    7 No trace of any Stone Fire Stand in the so called Prayer rooms

    8. There are so may doubts raised to accept this as a Zoroastrian Ancient City

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Pallan Ichaporia

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