Norwegian Ph.D. student looking for Parsi research assistants in Bombay

My name is Håkon Tandberg, and I’m a Ph.D. researcher from Norway studying Zoroastrianism. I’ve earlier enjoyed a research visit among the Parsis in Mumbai (2008), and will now return for 6 weeks this upcoming February. I’m looking for two (or more) Parsi individuals (of both sexes) that would be interested in working together with me as research assistants for a short period of time. The list below is a preliminary sketch of requirements, but is open to flexible modifications as per the interest(s) and time resources of the assistant.

Research time span: 4 weeks (20 Feb – 19 March, on selected days during this period depending on the assistant’s schedule and wishes)

Time duration: 2-4 hour shifts (X many shifts, depending on the assistant’s schedule and wishes)

Type of work: Observe religious worship at an agiary (in agreement with the specific panthak and head priest)

Compensation: Hour based, payment according to contract (INR 200 pr.hour, negotiable – contact me for more specific information)

Requirements: Fluency in English (and Gujarati), ability to cooperate and some religious knowledge/literacy

If this sounds interesting, please contact me for more details concerning the specific research, my main contacts in Mumbai, or anything relating to these issues. Please do not hesitate to pass on
the information to someone you think would be interested.
Kind regards,
Håkon TandbergUniversity of BergenNorway

Email: or

Phone: +0047 55582472

Courtesy : Dinyar Patel


  • Dear Mr. Tandberg,

    I was going through the site and came across the post of yours. Its good to hear that you are doing PHD in subject like Zoroastrianism.

    Actually my mother-in-law Mrs. Nilufer Talati would be interested to work as your assistant for your study. She is very religious and know practically all the religious ceremony, the methods, the prayers to recite etc. also you can be benefited by the collection of various religious books from her collection.

    You can contact her on +91 9769911613.

    Do let me know if she can assist you.

    Navil Kumana

    Thanks and regards,

    Navil Kumana

  • email to mr. tandberg is bouncing back. can you please give alternate email id.

    • Thanks for the response to the both of you. Navil, do you or your mother-in-law have an email-add? In that case it would be easier for us to get in touch. Pass me a mail at ( ) if the other one does not work.

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