3750 years of Zarathushtra’s teachings


I am forwarding  this message on behalf of Feridoon Demehri, of Vancouver,  one of the organizers for the celebrations to commemorate 3750 years of  Zarathushtra’s teachings . A Conference is being held in June 2012,  at Vancouver,  as part of the celebrations .

3750 years is a milestone of historic proportions, Asho Zarathushtra propounded his teachings which delivered a universal message of peace, social justice, and righteousness.
Aptly, in a world currently riddled with so much turmoil, we would like to increase the awareness of Zarathushtra’s teachings by means of a global celebration”    SEE ATTACHMENT

Please support these celebrations by informing your friends and publishing in your electronic newsletters and bulletins.

Thank you   
Dolly Dastoor Ph.D
2012 FEZANA Silver Jubilee

Check out their website at http://3750z.com/

3750 celebrations

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