Vegan Zoroastrian club

Vegan Zoroastrian club

Dear Fellow Zoroastrians,The world-wide vegan movement is very much in line with some of the principles of Zoroastrianism. And if the world’s population continues to grow it will become increasingly relevant.  Our daughter, Dr. Armaiti Khorshed May has been an activist for many years and has “converted” many people, including myself, to a vegan diet. When people switch to a balanced whole foods vegan diet they help to :

— improve their health and increase longevity (partly by reducing their risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes or a stroke);
— reduce health care care costs;
— conserve water and reduce water pollution;
— lessen desertrification of land areas and conserve land, including land areas containing rain forests;
— keep prices of ALL food items from getting too high;
— alleviate world hunger and thirst;
— reduce the suffering of animals;
— avoid the intake of what may be considered “naso” in our faith;
— decrease instances of overly rapid physical development among children;  and
— promote  peace and justice.

It would be helpful if Zoroastrians who are interested in veganism could connect for purposes of friendship, sharing ideas, support, matrimonial encounters and the promotion of healthy choices. If you or any of your friends are interested in forming a Vegan Zoroastrians club/network or e-group, please contact Dhun at or Armaity at

We thank you in  anticipation and look foward to hearing from you. Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao!

Dhun Daruwala May

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