Appeal for Anaj Packets


c/o Mrs Banoo Damania, B/101, Serene P Jeejeebhoy Bldg, Bhabola Chulna Rd, Vasai (W) 401202.

Tel: 0250-2384827. E-mail:


Our regular distribution of ANAJ packets during Jamshedji Navroz is to be given to the needy Parsi Iranis residing in Vasai Taluka (during March).

Our activities besides distribution of Anaj Packets (during March & August) are as follows during the year :

• Medical Aid (limited amount)

• Education Aid (limited amount)

• Free Monthly Meals

• Distribution of notebooks/stationery to poor & needy students

• Meals and provisions will also be provided at regular intervals during the year, to Orphanages, Old Aged Homes and Medical Centres who treat Cancer and AIDS patients. •

• Free trip to Udvada

• This year, we propose to sponsor for performing Navjote rites of a needy Parsi boy/girl (once a year).

As you are aware, that there is a steep rise in prices of all commodities which has affected the living of the common man especially the high cost of medicines, which in some way has concerned us too. The funds we receive from donors are fully utilized for the above mentioned causes during the whole year. We have been sincerely carrying on with the above activities for the last few years and look forward to continue with the same. We are grateful n thankful to all our donors who have from time to time donated for the above noble causes and hope will continue to do so in future.

Kindly donate generously for the above causes.

Send us your donations by cash/cheque favouring VASAI PARSI COLONY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (WELFARE) at above mentioned address.



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