Udvada land controversy

“Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, High Priest of Udvada, speaks about the Udvada land controversy case, how he and his family have been
affected, and what Parsis can do to help Udvada.”

Read more at: http://yazdgerd.net/2012/02/21/udvada-part-3-an-interview-with-dasturji-khurshed-dastoor/

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  • I think not to make the matter worst the Tatas and Godrejs intervene and buy up the lands surrounding our sacred Fire Temple and give relief to our community and use the land for their staff recreations and many other such…purposes.

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    Jamshid B.Dindar

    • We can’t, and shouldn’t, expect a commercial organisation to take over and not profit from it. This is not their CSR initiative.

      Since the BPP can, they should. Their website says, and i quote:

      “the corpus of the Trust, including R94 crore Liability of Refundable Security Deposit, now stands at R228 crore.”

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