Blood Doners required in Mumbai

Dear all,

Dear friends and wonderful neighbours of ours, in their late 70s, Sheroo and Minoo Balsara, both very staunch Zoroastrians, are in urgent need of replenishing the blood that was used for the mother’s hip replacement operation at the Parsi General Hospital, a few days ago. As seems to happen so often, whilst she was in hospital, the father slipped and fell and hit his head and thanks to a blood clot having developed therefrom, he has had to be moved to the same place too – he was in a coma – I am not sure about his present condition. All known sources have already been made use of, like the friends of their grandsons but more blood is required.

If any of you know anyone willing to donate blood please read the following email and do the needful ASAP. Thank you very much.

Could you please ask your parents & anyone else you know that my sister in Bombay is despirately looking for volunteers to donate blood as my mother needed a lot of blood during & after the operation & now they need to replenish the supply.

My sister Jeroo’s mobile number in Bombay +91 9820723730 .

Please ring Jeroo and help a wonderful family if you are able to.

Thanks once again,



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