Status of Women – FEZANA at UN

Freyaz Shroff of KurNiv Success Solutions was provided the opportunity by the Federation of Zoroastrian Anjumans of North America (FEZANA) to present at the 2012 United Nations’ sponsored Commission on the Status of Women. She and her team, showcased the work of two non-profit organizations focused on eradicating poverty and eliminating infant malnutrition.


Narges Nirumvala

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Decline of the Parsee community in India

The subject matter is not something about which the community has not been aware. It is an issue about which much has been written by many, but nothing concrete done.
If anything, this initiative is to ignite minds into thinking about doing something for the survival of the community in India. What is required are open minds, clear thoughts, objective analysis and decisive action.

Decline of the Parsee community in India;

–        Dinshaw Kaiki Tamboly

The Parsees, a proud community, having impressive resources, is perhaps one of the smallest communities in India if not the smallest. As per the 2001 Census of India the number of Parsee’s in India had been computed at 69,601 only, which is undoubtedly a drop in the ocean of India as a whole.

Based on a 10% decrease every decade, the Parsee race in India will come down to 41,099 by 2050 and 24,268 by 2100.

If one calculates the depletion @ 12% per decade, the figures can be 36,730 by 2050 and 19,382 by 2100. 

The decimation of numbers will in all probability accelerate in the years to come as the 2001 census has identified 24.1% of Parsees to be above 65 years of age. 

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Khambata is state’s new advocate general

Darius Khambata, the additional solicitor general (ASG) is now the new Maharashtra advocate general (AG). The state cabinet on Monday approved Khambata as the state’s top law officer, two months after Ravi Kadam resigned from the post.

The legal fraternity welcomed Khambata’s appointment , which comes three days before his 51st birthday. Goolam Vahanvati, the attorney general for India and who was the Maharashtra advocate general in the early 2000, said, “It is an excellent choice. The Centre’s loss is the state’s gain.”

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Get a glimpse of Gujarat’s fire temple in city

For the next ten days, Mumbai’s art and history enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the timeless charm of the Zoroastrian pilgrimage capital, Udvada, enclosed in 60 odd photo frames. As part of the exhibition titled Udvada, city-based photographer Shantanu Das has captured the quiet hamlet of Gujarat in its distinct charm. The exhibition has been organised by industrialist Parvez Damania, who belongs to one of the nine priestly families of Udvada.

The exhibition is being held at Tao Atrium Gallery, Sajan Plaza, 165, Dr Annie Beasant Road, Worli and will be open from 11am to 7pm up to April 7. It will be open on Sundays.

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Parvez Damania, looking splendid in his ceremonial Parsi dagli with wife Roshni in a newly embroidered red traditional sari, must be complimented  for this larger window into a fiercely insular world.

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Inviting creative Parsi Drama Scripts

We would like to get hold of creative scripts that can re-ignite the previous years’ Parsi Nataks still alive in smaller numbers in India

The purpose is to get young children learn and preserve the Parsi Gujarati language (our version which we are so proud of, but youngsters in the Western world miss out on the “majaa-masti-bits” such as ghootan (knees)/ toowaal (towel) and such…

We would like to inculcate the language so our kids can enjoy the “privacy” and keep our traditional mother-tongue (for the Indian-origin Parsis who lost their original Farsi language) alive…

If anyone has short skits we can adapt to the Western world-relevance, (I am unable to revive Mithoo Jesia’s many wonderful Parsi-Gujarati-English songs that apply mainly to India, eg: “Parsi hume chhaiye, avya Iran thi India ver, Hindustan ma rahiye, ne kariye lehram-lehr…” – this song is seen as “not very applicable to the UK Parsis for example..”

Look forward to creative contributions here.

Thanks v much & God Bless bawas and bawis…
Rozy K Contractor

WZO Canada – A Charitable Organisation

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a note to inform you all that WZO Canada is now an established Canadian Charitable Organization.

WZO, Canada’s Charity’s Registration Number is : 84429 0304 RR0001.

All donations made to WZO Canada are tax deductable and a receipt will be sent to you for the same.

We shall look forward to your kind support in disseminating this information to Zarathushtis in Canada in general, and the members of your associations in particular.

We would appreciate your efforts to urge your membership to become members of WZO Canada.

WZO international in UK has served faithfully to humanity in general and Zarathushti community in particular, in area of education, healthcare and in times of Natural disasters over more than 30 years.

We at WZO Canada hope to continue our efforts along the same lines, in the area of eliminating poverty and hunger, environmental sustainability, healthcare and opportunities in education to humanity in general and Zarathushti Community in particular in the years to come.

We can use all the help and assistance we can get, from our charity oriented Zarathushti Community in Canada to achieve these goals.


With Peace and Light from Mazda.


Jehan Bagli

Agiary in Ichhapore

I shall be thankful to receive your assistance/guidance in the foll. Matter.

There is an agiary – now a dadgah –  in village Ichhapore, dist. Bhatha, Post Surat in gujrat, known as Powwalla Agiary (does not know full name).  There are still few parsee families residing in the village and looking after the agiary.  The agiary premises is in a bad state and needs a repairing/renovation.  The residents of the village, some time ago, had collected a small fund to carry out the repairs, however, due to non-cooperation of the existing trustees, nothing was done.   In fact no one is aware of the existence of the Trust deed for this agiary nor any one shows any interest.

Now the parsees residing in the village, by grace of God, have prospered monetarily (thanks to the guj. Govt. for all round development) and they want to contribute relatively sizeable fund towards the repair of the agiary premises.

Would you be kind enough to help how to go about in the matter.  How one can find about the trust deed, whether registered ( unlikely) or who  would be the present trustees and  in the event if no proper source is ascertained, how one can go about it.  Can Surat Parsee Panchayat be approached and do they have right to take initiative ?

Basically our family is also from this  village and hence this request.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards

Khurshied Ichhaporia


Parsi cricketers led the way for us!

The first two teams from India, therefore, to leave the shores in 1886 and in 1888 to tour England consisted of only Parsi players.

The one in 1886 was led by one Dhanjishaw H. Patel, an underhand bowler, and also in the team were three Parsis — Pestonji Dinshaw Dastur, Dinshaw D. Khambatta and Burorji P. Balla — from Karachi.

Their tour was a huge failure for the fact that they were not trained and experienced to play against the English bowlers and batsmen. In 28 matches on the tour, they lost 19, drew eight and won only once against the Normanhurst team.

What is important of course is that this team played two very important matches, one against MCC at Lord’s which they lost by an innings and 224 runs and in which W.G. Grace took 11 for 44 runs and scored 63 before being caught by Balla, the Karachi cricketer. I suppose Dastur, Balla and Khambatta remain the only Karachiites to have played against Grace.

The other important match that they played was at Great Windsor Park against the grandson of Queen Victoria Prince Christian Victor in which his brother Prince Albert also played.


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