Just for good

Dear friends,
My dear daughter Kainaaz Irani has launched a new website www.justforgood.in to sell various products made specifically by various NGOs.  NGOs face the problem of having a strategic marketing plan and hence this platform will help them market products in an organised manner far and wide. Secondly, we often feel like extending a helping hand to less fortunate citizens but don’t know how to go about it with our busy lifestyles. This website will now help you help the less fortunate by buying their products online without having to go to them.
Please visit www.justforgood.in . It is also on Facebook. Please pass this message to all your acquaintances also. All the details are in the website, so please buy your requirements from here and in turn you’ll be helping our less fortunate brethren earn a decent living, educate their children, etc.
Thanks and see you all at Just For Good. That’s what it is….a good deed just for doing some good from the comfort of your home or office.
Rusi Mistry

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