Dr. Ekhtiari re-elected as Zoroastrians’ MP

Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiari Re-elected as Zoroastrians’ MP in Iran

Following a breathtaking one-week campaign for  Iran’s Parliamentary election, on Friday March 2nd, Iranian Zoroastrians re-elected Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiari for a second term in the Iran parliament with 4959 votes out of a total of 6660, equal to a rough 75 percentage.

The other two candidates were Koorush Azargoshaasbi and Dr. Farshid Akhtari who could finally obtain 1177 and 466 of the ballots, respectively.

It was the 9th parliamentary election since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The parliament is the national legislative body in Iran, and currently has 290 members, one of whom represents Iranian Zoroastrians. Each member is popularly elected for four-year terms.

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