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Amongst the communities whose study has suffered an eclipse are the Parsis. The reason lies in the decline of business studies, but also in the decline of Parsis as a business community. Parsi enterprise played a significant part in the rise of modern Indian industry and services. Parsis were members of the Indian trading community before the arrival of Europeans, and gained importance from the middle of the 19th century, when they entered the supply chain of opium exported from Malwa to Chinese ports. From opium exports they graduated to cotton exports and then to textile manufacture. At the time of Independence, they were important members of the industrial and trading community of western India. They also had a strong presence in the liquor trade all over the country, especially in and around British cantonments.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

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  • I am Rally Happy to know that our Religion People are now awaking to all the realities facing our miniscule community.
    I also want to point out some serious flaws as to why our community do not have many youths interested in doing business.
    The most serious one is that when our youths do not want to work harder for anything then what do we expect from them. Also many of our youths just roam about like Vagabonds in our Baugs then when will they do any work to support themselves in the future. Also many of our Parsee Parents are to be blamed for this, as they just pampered their young children & allow the children to roam like vagabonds & when the youths just roam idle their minds become the devil’s workshop & it leads many to think of crimes.
    Even our community women are to be blamed the most, as they are also in the habit of breaking other families. That has happened with me that is why i am just trying to alert the others.
    Some of our Parsee Females are also in the habit of grabbing others houses in the Baugs, so naturally that effect is going to be on our youths.
    May i hope that many of our social workers do try to educate our Vagabonds Youths to work harder then only our youths would think about being a good successful Business persons, I would be the most happiest person if many of our youths become great Business leaders like our own Tatas, Godrej Guzders & many like them before i close my eyes forever.
    I do hope that Many of our Trustees also take note of all these flaws in our Present Parsee Youths & try to educate them into working hard , also these are the main flaws which why many of our young girls are nowadays marring outside the community, as they knows that when our own Parsee Youths are not capable of looking after themselves then what would be able to look after their families after getting married.
    I do hope that i would be able to see many of our Parsee Youths becoming successful Businessmen. I have seen some good Parsee women becoming great Businesswomen but i have not seen any of male youths becoming even a Gen Manager of any big business houses, the flaws lies in our own Parsee Youths & that flaw needs to be corrected if we are to see many of our Males Youths becoming good businessmen.

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